This Is Your Bullpen—This Is Your Bullpen with Four Inning Pedro Starting

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IMarch 13, 2009

So you say you want Pedro Martinez to start every fifth day for the Mets.

You must hate the bullpen.

Let's take a look at 2008.

April 1. Pedro goes 3.1 innings in a road loss.  BULLPEN gets to get 18 outs.

June 3: Nine outs for the bullpen.

June 8: Nine outs.

June 15th: Nine outs.

I get it. I see your Pedro fantasy. Now the reality sets in.

June 21: Hey bullpen we need 18 outs (so we can lose anyway) thanks!

June 27:  10 outs

July 2:  Nine outs in a road loss (eight defensive innings)

July 7:  11 outs

July 12:  15 outs from the pen! Pedro didn't give up a run, and the Mets won—but he was Four Inning Pedro.

I'm tired of typing. The Mets went 4-7 in Pedro starts the rest of the way.   Pedro's IP were 5, 6.1, 6, 7, 7 (that's more like it), 5, 6, 4, and 6, 6, 6.   The 6-6-6 is ironic, not because Pedro is the devil but because since June 6, 2006 (6/6/06) Pedro was pretty much useless  as I discussed here.

Let Pedro head off to LA, and he can enjoy Old Timers Day in Boston where he belongs. I don't know who the future is, but it's not this guy. The Mets would be better off with a fifth starter who went 3-21 but averaged seven innings than someone who only totaled 109 innings in 20 starts.  I'll try my luck with Niese.

Shout out to Mike's Mets  on doing the hard-work of stats compiling.