Syracuse Students Miss Class, Rumored to be Out Late in NYC

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IMarch 13, 2009

Several Syracuse University students have chosen to skip class for a few days and hang out in Manhattan. They were last seen near the Garden at a quarter to two this morning.

I hope the school plans to discipline the students to remind all that the purpose of school is to learn, not to pretend you're on the Knicks.

I laugh when people wonder how a 19 year old Dwight Gooden or a young naive A-Rod make mistakes. What do we teach our teenage athletes? As long as you win anything is cool.

Colleges everywhere send teens to tournaments all month long. When I went to Fordham we'd see the basketball and football teams on the first day and last day of class and not once in-between.

I have the same issue with the little league world series. Why do we need national champions at every level? Isn't winning the local league enough? Can't they play on weekends only?