The Question: What Affect Would Adding Another Yellow Card to the Game Have?

Jamie WardSenior Analyst IMarch 15, 2009

We have all seen what happens when a referee gets a decision wrong and a player is booked when maybe he shouldn't have been.

If a defender picks up a yellow card early on in a game, then he is slightly handicapped for the rest of the match and may not go for that goal saving tackle when it next arises.

On the other hand, he may go for it and unfortunately, mistime the tackle and pick up his second yellow of the game, resulting in a sending off.

Poor refereeing decisions can cost teams a great deal, we all know that.

So if the football governing bodies don't wish to utilise the video system, would the introduction of a third yellow card minimise the impact of a wrong decision?

It obviously will not eradicate the wrong decisions made by some referees, but surely it would aid a player to some extent who has been wrongly carded.

The new system would allow three yellow card offences before an automatic sending off. This may remove a little of the unfair pressure that is added to a player who has picked up an unneccessary yellow early on in the game.

I am unsure if there is any substantial reason to suggest this would have a negative affect on the game, so I thought I would open it up to debate.


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