Actors That Could Star as Josh Hamilton in His Biopic

John Nizinski@@jniz73Analyst IIINovember 2, 2012

Actors That Could Star as Josh Hamilton in His Biopic

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    One of the top stars currently in the MLB is Josh Hamilton, who recently became a free agent. Hamilton was once the first overall pick in the MLB draft, but has had a unique and interesting journey getting to where he is now.

    Hamilton's story is one of those that you would say "that would make for a great movie."

    At least that's what Casey Affleck thought, as he is reportedly writing and directing a movie about Hamilton.

    It has not been announced who will star as Hamilton, but here is a look at some actors that could potentially play that role.

Cole Hauser

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    Cole Hauser is close friends with Casey Affleck, which could give him the edge over most actors.

    Hauser looks very similar to Hamilton and also has the body type. Hamilton is 6'4" and Hauser is 6'1". 

    This could be one of Hauser's best roles and give his career a little jump start.

    If I had to put my money down, I'm saying Hauser stars as Hamilton.

Sam Worthington

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    Sam Worthington has had several big roles lately, including starring roles in Avatar, Terminator Salvation and Clash of the Titans.

    Worthington is only 5'10" and would have to put on some weight, but he has the general look to play a believable Josh Hamilton.

    He also may be able to relate to the struggles of Hamilton, as Worthington was forced to live out of his car before landing a role in Avatar. 

Chris Hemsworth

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    If you are going on the physical size of Hamilton, Chris Hemsworth is probably the perfect match. Both Hamilton and Hemsworth have athletic builds and are 6'4".

    Hemsworth has some experience swinging things as he currently  stars as Marvel's hammer-swinging superhero, Thor.

    He would have to change his accent and get a perm, but he has the best body type to play Hamilton.

Jamie Kennedy

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    This one is probably a stretch, but if you are going on sure looks alone, Jamie Kennedy does resemble Josh Hamilton.

    Kennedy would obviously have to hit the gym but he is 6 foot. It would be interesting to see him in a dramatic role, if that is where Casey Affleck plans to go with the movie.