Why Robert Griffin Compares More to Aaron Rodgers than Vick, Newton

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Why Robert Griffin Compares More to Aaron Rodgers than Vick, Newton
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Robert Griffin III would rather be compared to Aaron Rodgers than Cam Newton or Michael Vick, but he isn't referring to stats or abilities. 

As Rich Campbell of the Washington Times reports, “I’d rather be compared to an Aaron Rodgers or a guy like that,” Griffin said Wednesday, “someone who has won Super Bowls.”

RG3 is often compared to Newton and Vick because, like the other two, he can break off incredible runs. The three quarterbacks also all possess cannons for arms. Then there's the obvious reason, as all three are African-American quarterbacks.

That is a lazy comparison, though. In truth, all three are so incredibly different. 

It's clear from his comment that Griffin values winning more than individual accomplishments or stats, but it got us thinking: Griffin actually does compare more to Rodgers than Vick or Newton on the football field. 

Here are a couple of reasons why.


Andy Lyons/Getty Images
Aaron Rodgers' accuracy is what sets him apart.

One of the reasons Rodgers is such an elite quarterback is that he's incredibly accurate, both from the pocket and when he's on the run. Additionally, Rodgers takes excellent care of the football—something neither Newton or Vick can claim. 

Newton and Vick can be highly inaccurate at times, though they do throw some pretty deep passes down the field. Both are also extremely careless with the football. 

So far this season, RG3 has proven to be extremely accurate and has taken tremendous care of the football.

Here is how all four quarterbacks match up:

Griffin 149 223 66.8% 1,788 8 3 97.3
Rodgers 205 297 69.0% 2,165 21  107.9 
Vick  157  266  59.0%  1,823  78.6 
Newton  121  212  57.1%  1,701  75.2 


Rich Schultz/Getty Images
Vick struggles to step into his throws, often throwing off balance and off his back foot.

Vick and Newton both have serious issues with bad mechanics. They have a terrible tendency to throw off their back foot, and both struggle with footwork in general.

Rodgers, on the other hand, can usually be seen throwing the ball using textbook mechanics, even when he's on the run. He squares his shoulders beautifully when rolling to his left, and when he's behind center he constantly adjusts his feet towards his target. 

Griffin usually displays excellent footwork in the pocket. He taps his feet with precision as he takes his steps back from center, and he adjusts his feet and upper body as he progresses through his reads. 

Furthermore, Griffin has an excellent, short delivery that doesn't waste any motion—something Vick and Newton have not yet mastered. 

Good mechanics have everything to do with why Griffin has been such an accurate passer so far in his rookie year, and if he continues to work hard at getting better in the little things, he will achieve his goal of being a Super Bowl quarterback. 


It's never really fair to compare quarterbacks. 

Every player brings something different to the table. For instance, even though I've just shown why Griffin should be compared to Rodgers more than Vick or Newton, he excels in one area even greater than No. 12.  

Larry French/Getty Images
Speed, speed and more speed.

While RG3 has passing ability comparable to that of Rodgers, he can also run faster than just about every player across from him on defense. He showed his elite speed against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 6 when he took off and went 79 yards to pay dirt. 

Griffin is a unique player that deserves to make his own mark on the NFL, but people will always try and compare the new with the old. One day, we'll be comparing another talented young quarterback to Griffin, and the cycle will start anew. 

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