Draft There Is Only One Draft Option and Here It Is!!!!!!!1

Corey GrinnerContributor IMarch 15, 2009

I have listened to alot of ideas and choices on what we should do with our first round pick and honestly i can tell you the best choice for the raiders is to trade down. With the signing of Barnes we have the potential to have two starting tackles and two solid back-ups. The zone blocking scheme doesn't require any elite lineman just smart and athletic ones with a mean streak and the ability to do there jobs in space. A trade down gives us a chance to get Brace to be that nose tackle we need since that is what he did at BC freeing up Raji much like he would be able to do for Kelly. With the extra pick in the second round which would be a must plus maybe an extra three with the value u get for the number seven pick we can go receiver, center and D-end freeing us up for more safety depth as well as line depth later in the draft. Also lets take a shot at Holt or Harrison on two year deals to mentor the young receivers as well as maybe teach Walker how to be a pro because we are stuck with him at least one more year. Maybe its just me but draftin  this high this year is a waste of money when we need more picks to add more talent and depth to this roster. So for once lets try something different all lets trade down and make the right moves in the draft we have been solid if not spectacular in free agency lets carry that over into the draft and do somethings that really improve the talent and future of the RAAAAAIDERS!!!!!!!!1