Robert Foster: What the 5-Star WR's Conflicting Tweets Mean for Alabama and Pitt

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIINovember 1, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

The 5-star wide receiver, Robert Foster, seemed ready to finally make a commitment, or at least that's what he said on Twitter.  Don't hold your breath if your a fan of Alabama or Pittsburgh though, because he apparently spoke a little bit too soon.

Foster originally took to his Twitter account to let us know that he was ready to make a commitment:

I think I'm ready to COMMIT I want to sit down w my parents n tell them wat I think then ill let my coaches kno n my team 🏈🏈🏈

— D-rob#4 (@DROBFoster_4) November 1, 2012

He later filled us in on what his parents were thinking in regards to his options:

My mamma likes PITT n my daddy likes BAMA but the best thing about it they both said they will b there no matter wat ILOVEMYPARENTS😘❤

— D-rob#4 (@DROBFoster_4) November 1, 2012

247Sports has Alabama in the lead for Foster followed by his home-state Pitt. What made the Tweets so interesting is that Foster had just visited Alabama and witnessed their 38-7 win over a pretty good Mississippi State team.

The fact that he felt so ready to commit just after the visit could have been seen as a very good thing for Alabama, and not such a good thing for Pittsburgh, but his latest Tweet regarding the recruiting process may nullify all of that:

I may have spoke to soon. I will to take my official visits then make a decision. This will be my last tweet concerning this matter

— D-rob#4 (@DROBFoster_4) November 1, 2012

It appears as if we are back to square one with Foster.

If I'm reading into this correctly, we will not see a commitment from Foster just yet, or at least until he takes his official visits. Alabama and Pitt are still on top of his leader board, and we are no closer to knowing who will eventually snag the 5-star receiver than we were yesterday.

What does this mean for 'Bama and Pitt?

It's actually probably great news for the Panthers, as they'll now most likely have some more time to recruit Foster. While it may seem like a negative for Alabama, it's tough to consider them at a disadvantage in this situation. They look like the favorites still ,and now they just have a little bit more time to seal the deal.

There's also more time for Pitt to pitch the 5-star recruit on playing close to home.

In the end, nothing has changed on our end of the spectrum. All we know is that he appeared ready to commit somewhere, but he obviously thought better of that idea.

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