Too Much Chaos in the Sports World Today, and Not in the Good Way

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Too Much Chaos in the Sports World Today, and Not in the Good Way

Just a brief history on the last few years in illegal activities in sports. 

2000: Ray Lewis was allegedly connected to a stabbing in a night club

2003: Kobe Bryant was charged with sexual assault 

2006: Ben Roethlisberger was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident

2007: Michael Vick Indicted on Dog fighting charges

2007: Sean Taylor was shot and killed

2008: Plaxico Burress arrested for illegal possession of a fire arm and concealment. 

2009: Earlier this week Dante Stallworth was driving while intoxicated and killed a pedestrian. 

Sports have drama; it is what we love about them. But the drama we love is the kind of drama that takes place on the courts, fields, and in the arenas not the kind that takes place off of them. Over the past few years these off field "incidents" have become a problem that no one can ignore.

Just in the last three years we have had players arrested for felonies, arrested for endangerment and everything under the sky. We have even had to see the deaths of young athletes. Almost all of these cases could have been avoided. 

All of this needs to stop. There is no excuse for this behavior by the players to continue. I understand that they are all relatively young and thus immature, but they are role models to kids.

These athletes need to realize that just because they make millions of dollars a year they are not immune to the laws.

Maybe that is not the problem. Maybe the problem is that the players are not being trained right in college or maybe given to much freedom by their professional teams. 

I am by no means trying to group all players together. I nor anyone else can create a group that accommodates them all. This is why the solution to the problem is so complicated.

These players all need to be taught ways to handle themselves. We have learned that although the majority of players can handle themselves there are still players that cannot.

These players, however far into the minority of the population of the league still need to be taught a lesson. This is not saying that we are going to punish the players on the contrary. 

What I am saying is that regulations need to be implemented for these players. This process needs to start in colleges where the players are first submerged in the sport.

Colleges need to enforce the rules that they have in place. I live on the campus of a college and have seen the way these rules are enforced. Players are allowed to basically act however they want with no real boundaries during the off-season. 

All of the leagues need to start implementing more rules. There are some players that need to be monitored during the off season. This can help regulate their "extra" activities.

I understand some of these players do not come from the best places; instead they come from cities of poverty. These players need the most help monitoring themselves.

Not every league needs to do the same amount of work. Not every league has the problems, but every league could use some improvement. These new policies would allow for the leagues to repair themselves and their players.

My best guess is that this will never happen. There may be regulations put in, but they will never do enough to control athletes to the extent that some need to be. 

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