10 Best Hairstyles in NBA History

Eric EdelmanCorrespondent INovember 1, 2012

10 Best Hairstyles in NBA History

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    Hair (or lack thereof) says a lot about us.

    If someone has a receding hairline they refuse to cut? Perhaps they're young at heart and unwilling to accept the cards they've been dealt (It's OK LeBron, you can come home now) by age and/or genetics. 

    If someone opts for a conservative crew cut? Maybe they value practicality and ease of maintenance more than looking flashy. 

    Just like our hairstyles are a reflection of who we are as individuals, the same goes for NBA players.

    For decades, the league's most vibrant personalities have expressed themselves through their haircuts, and now it's time we pay homage.

    Here are 10 athletes whose haircuts are among the best in NBA history. 

No. 10: Birdman's Mohawk

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    Chris Andersen's gelled up mohawk and impressive amount of tattoos matched his toughness and hustle on the basketball court.

    Although he was waived by Denver in the offseason, Nuggets fans won't forget his emphatic blocks and impressive hair.

No. 9: Adam Morrison Doesn't Own a Razor

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    Although it isn't the coolest of stylings on our list, Adam Morrison's dirt stache and unkempt hair deserves our respect.

    A huge star at Gonzaga, many compared Morrison's game to the great Larry Bird, but unfortunately for Ammo, his career never quite panned out as well as many had hoped.

    Unlike his hair, Ammo has been cut from a lot of teams lately, but hopefully, for his sake, he can bring his patented 70s hairstyle back to the NBA. 

No. 8: Big Ben's Big Afro

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    Ben Wallace was the defensive anchor for the Pistons' 2004 championship team, and he also had one of the best afros in NBA history.

    Big Ben retired the afro a bit later in his career, but we all remember when prime Ben Wallace had his signature cut in full effect.

    Fans won't forget Ben's rim shattering dunks or his classic hairstyle. 

No. 7: The Many Cuts of Ron Ron the True Warrior

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    Metta World Peace (formerly known as Ronald William Artest, Jr.) has had many classic cuts prior to his name change, but his barber's best work was undoubtedly during his time with the Houston Rockets.

    Although the pride of Queensbridge opts for a more classic taper haircut nowadays, Metta's old looks were bold and unique—just like his personality. 

No. 6: Allen Iverson's Cornrows

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    When we think of Allen Iverson, we think of his crossover on Michael Jordan, his illustrious career and of course, we also think of his hair.

    Although A.I. cut his hair toward the latter end of his career, we will never forget the classic hairstyle he became synonymous with. 

No. 5: Larry Legend's Legendary Mullet

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    Larry Bird's mullet is forever enshrined in NBA lore as a classic hairstyle. 

    As impressive as his shooting stroke was, perhaps his impeccable golden-hued mane and matching mustache were even more astounding.

    Later on he toned down the mullet vibe in favor of a more conservative styling, but his mullet will always be a part of Larry's classic career. 

No. 4: Kenny Walker's Flattop

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    Very few in NBA history wore the flattop quite as well as Kenny Walker did back in his playing days.

    Now with current NBA youngsters Norris Cole and Iman Shumpert bringing the flattop back, clearly Kenny Walker's haircut will continue to inspire us for generations to come. 

No. 3: Drew Gooden's Ducktail

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    Drew Gooden showed off a a popular Oakland area haircut a few years ago, and true fans of the NBA will remember it as a classic haircut in the league.

    Although it hasn't caught on, people still have love for the "ducktail" even after Drew put the haircut out to pasture.  

No. 2: MJ Balled While Bald

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    Michael Jordan is one of the few athletes whose achievements on the court transcended the sport.

    His legacy spawned one of the most popular sports inspired fashion brands of all time, and he also made bald cool.

    Not bad for arguably the greatest player in NBA history. 

No. 1: Dennis Rodman: A Colorful Personality with Colorful Hair

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    While NBA historians remember Dennis Rodman's gritty career in which he won five NBA championships, most casual fans will remember Mr. Rodman for his brilliant hair.

    Rodman's hair has been virtually every color in the visible spectrum, and his choice of colors have resembled everything from rainbow sherbet to Sisqo.

    Rodman was a fearsome force on the court, and despite his odd choice of hairstyles and bizarre off-the-court antics, his contributions during his tenure in the NBA should not be forgotten.