Top Five NFL Players Today

Mitchell TimpCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2009

#1 Larry Fitzgerald-There is not much to say about this superstar. Last year he had 96 receptions and 1,431 along with a 14.7 average this guy is number one for a reason.

#2 Payton Manning- He had 29 TDs and 12INTs he had an excellent 95.0 passer rating. He won nine games in a row with the colts at the end of the season. you can expect at least one more MVP in his next few seasons.

#3 Adrian Peterson-Duh!!! last year with 1,760 yards and 10 touchdowns but there is  a reason that he is at #3, he led the league in fumbles last year so he would be #2 or maybe even #1!!!

#4-Matt Ryan- A rookie who lead his team to the playoffs, man is he good. Last year with 16 touchdowns and 11 INT and a 87.7 passer rating this guy has a lot of potential to cover to so expect some superbowl rings!

#5 Michael Turner- Not much to say he had 1,699 yards last year along with 17 TDs. He had helped the Falcons offense last year. Not much more to say about this superstar.