What Will the Phoenix Suns Do in the Offseason?

Chris FordContributor IMarch 14, 2009

The Suns obviously are disappointed in the way this season went. It is very disappointing that they are looking to not even make the playoffs after a 50-win season.

Last season they let go head coach Mike D'Antoni who was offensive minded and they were looking to become more of a defensive minded team but still have the explosive offense that can put up great amounts of points. He was replaced by Terry Porter.

That evidently backfired as the Suns scoring went down and they started losing a lot of games and stayed out of the playoff race for most of the season. Eventually they fired Terry Porter.

Alvin Gentry took over the reigns as the head coach. They started and made a good run they won four straight games. They had two huge blowout wins against the Clippers and they seemed to be a rejuvenated Suns team.

But the good didn't last for too long. It eventually went back to normal which is unimpressive. They are the ninth seed and with the Mavericks playing the way they are it looks like they are going to miss the playoffs. It's very disappointing judging by the past years.

They are obviously going to make some key moves this off-season. Who do they let go? Do they let go Nash who has been so productive for them. Stoudamire and Shaq most likely one of them is going to go.

Who knows what kind of moves they make but they will most likely have a substantially different team than this year's team. They may go into rebuilding? Who knows?