PSG Looking to Raid Real Madrid for Both Ronaldo and Mourinho

Christopher Almeras@@redriverhockeyCorrespondent IIOctober 31, 2012

Mourinho to PSG rumors are beginning to swirl
Mourinho to PSG rumors are beginning to swirlDenis Doyle/Getty Images

Several reports have popped up over the last 24 hours regarding an audacious Paris Saint-Germain double swoop. While talk of interest in Cristiano Ronaldo has been among the rumor mill for the last month, the latest buzz includes bringing in Jose Mourinho to coach as well.

According to reports in the Daily Mail, PSG are lining up a mammoth bid to lure Ronaldo to Paris. Also the report states that PSG has their sights set on Mourinho as well.

The capture of Ronaldo is more understandable. PSG can give him the salary he desires. With Ibrahimovic's move to Paris, the door was opened for the biggest names to consider PSG. The Parisian lifestyle also makes PSG an appealing destination.

While many believe a Ronaldo-to-PSG transfer is unlikely, it is still viewed as a possibility given the circumstances. Many would be surprised to hear of a completed deal, but once the transfer and salary figures were announced, most would somewhat understand why.

The biggest hang up in this double swoop rumor is Mourinho. PSG already has a top coach in Ancelotti. While PSG has had some troubles with consistency this season, they are on top of Ligue 1 and are moving forward through all competitions. The lack of consistency can be easily understood with the influx of new talent needing time to gel.

While Mourinho would be an upgrade in many people's eyes, would it be worth the risk of upsetting the current environment? If the Mourinho part of this story is truly a rumor, it may be best for PSG to come out and deny their interest in an effort to keep their locker room stable.

On the other side of the coin, what would be the benefit for Jose Mourinho to leave Real Madrid for PSG? The move would not improve his chance at another Champions League title, and it would not be moving to a more prestigious club. The only reason would be to win a title in another league, but winning Ligue 1 ranks nowhere near his Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A accomplishments.

This move would be an exciting one for PSG fans. Ronaldo and Ibra together with the Special One would have the entire soccer world tuned in.

As of now, this is part of a lot of speculation. These rumors will remain just that until the ink is dry so to speak. PSG lulled everyone to sleep before the Ibrahimovic and Silva deal. I personally believe that PSG feel anyone is in their grasp. A move of this magnitude would prove it to the rest of the world.