Anthony Randolph and Brandan Wright Playing Together? I Don't Think So

Guruprasad RamprakashContributor IMarch 14, 2009

In the month of March, teams around the NBA try to make their final push for the NBA Playoffs. While the Lakers, Celtics, and the Cavaliers have already solidified their spot in the postseason, teams like the Bulls, the Mavericks, and the Suns are trying with all their might to reach that eternal postseason goal.

Not the Warriors.

After coming into the season with mid-level expectations, the Warriors have clearly disappointed, going as low as 20 games below the .500 mark and currently stand in 10th place in the Conference with a subpar record of 20-42.

So, with no hopes of making the playoffs, the Warriors are looking forward to the offseason, with the potential high lottery pick coming in the NBA Draft.

But one thing the Warriors should do is find a way to ship Brandan Wright.

Now I know that he has tons of potential and is supposedly the next Chris Bosh. I have seen him play, and his ability to score in a variety of different ways makes me want to jump out of my couch. But here is a reason why Brandan Wright should be shipped.

Anthony Randolph- As I said in my NBA Draft story, Anthony Randolph looked somewhat like a scoring version of Brandan Wright, as he is able to score in a variety of different ways.

At first, I thought one of them had to be shipped off right away in order for this to work. Then, when Don Nelson said that during a press conference that Randolph could play the three and Wright could play the four in the future, then I thought it could happen.

But, right now, I don't think it can happen.

Here are my observations. Anthony Randolph has been playing better during his inaugural season than Brandan Wright has at any point of his career.

Sure, you can make the argument that Wright didn't really get a chance to prove himself during his rookie season and was on the shelf for most of this season, but I think Anthony Randolph will be a better four in the Nellie system. 

Here is why. Anthony Randolph is a better Nellie four because of the variety of things he can do. He is very tall (and still growing), can run, has some handles, and has the ability to block shots that fuel the fast break.

He is still working on that mid-range jump shot, but I think he will perfect it as he grows older—making him an elite four in Nellie's system. Although I think he can be an elite four, I don't think he can play the three for Nellie because I don't think he can develop a solid three-point shot.

Probably the most integral part of playing the three-spot with Nellie is the ability to shoot the trey—and I think Anthony Randolph should stick to where he is most effective—causing havoc inside the painted area.

Even if he does develop a good three point shot, it gives him the opportunity to be even more effective in Nellie's system as he will become an inside-outside type of player. 

Brandan Wright is what I call a conventional four. He can still do many of the things Randolph can do (block shots, grab rebounds, fuel the fast break)...but he isn't a Nellie four like Randolph is. He is more like a center in Nellie's mind—always sticking inside the painted area and having a array of moves he can do once he has the ball.

I actually wouldn't mind Brandan Wright playing the four for the Warriors, but the fact is that Anthony Randolph is simply going to be Nellie's definition of a four.

Also, notice how Nellie never plays Brandan Wright and Anthony Randolph together. It is because they just can't play with each other—and the Warriors must find a way to get rid of one of them so they can draft a Nellie three for the future.

But, for me, the obvious choice is Brandan Wright.