Oregon Football: Video with Star Wars Theme Music Hints at Ducks Uniforms vs USC

Ian Berg@@ShugJordanPkwyCorrespondent IOctober 31, 2012

The Oregon football team is heading to Los Angeles this Saturday to take on the USC Trojans in what has become a Pac-12 rivalry. There have been hints that Oregon was planning something "Imperial" with their uniforms, but this recent You Tube release with Star Wars-like music seems to give it away. 

At the 4:30 mark of the video, the Oregon Duck is shutting the doors to the freshly laundered football uniforms. They are so bright that he can barely close the doors to the semi-truck while the Star Wars-like music is playing in the background. 

To finish the video, it mentions that Oregon fans need to remember to wear white as they “Storm L.A.” 

Oregon is always adding twists to their uniform lineup, but similar uniforms have been worn in the past. The liquid metal feathers will be a major focus point on the uniform, as will the gleaming white fabric, but there are no other assumed changes—just a severe lack of color. 

The liquid metal look may also be added to points in the jersey, but nothing has been reported to that effect. You have to assume that Nike will have something more than just a pure white uniform and the liquid metal feathers.

Will this matter to USC and the fans in the Coliseum? Probably not, but the Ducks are gathering all of the chatter heading into the contest. 

The Ducks should look sharp taking the field in L.A. as another chapter of the Duck Uniform Diaries continues.