LSU Fans Pull Hilarious Prank on Nick Saban's Statue at Alabama

Randy ChambersAnalyst IOctober 31, 2012

It seems like Alabama needs to hire some security to protect those Walk of Champions statues that are outside of Bryant-Denny Stadium.

While the Alabama Crimson Tide prepare for a road trip to Tiger Stadium to take on the LSU Tigers, it appears that the statue of Nick Saban has been vandalized by a harmless prank.

Judging by a photo that was posted at (h/t, Saban seems to be growing something out of his backside that wasn’t there a week ago. 

Unfortunately for Alabama fans, this isn't the first time this has happened to one of the statues. Last week, Mississippi State fans decided to dress the Bear Bryant statue in a T-shirt, claiming that the Bulldogs were going to find a way to beat the Crimson Tide and remain unbeaten. 

After a 38-7 beatdown last weekend, I don't think the program will do any more pranking until next year rolls around.

Saban, of course, left the LSU Tigers back in 2004 and eventually made his way to Tuscaloosa, where he has quickly turned the Crimson Tide into a national championship powerhouse. Many Tiger fans can't seem to put the past behind them, as they are still upset with the way the head coach fled their program.

However, this seems to be more of a lighthearted joke that even Alabama fans could get a good laugh out of. After all, it is only a taped-on tail that was likely removed from the statue before we even saw the picture.

The question that I have is what are LSU fans doing in Alabama territory and how did they get so close to the statue? 

Anyway, it is all fun and games until the contest takes place on the football field and one of the teams walks off the field victorious.

If LSU could have learned anything from Mississippi State last week, it is that you don't make an already very talented team angry before you play them.