Goalie Whiffs at Back Pass for Glorious Own Goal

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Here is a bucketful of fail dumped on a Romanian pitch. 

A tip of the hat to NBC Sports, which reported on this moment of horrible timing for one goalkeeper, straight from a second division Romanian football game.  

Our thoughts go out to this goalkeeper, who just suffered one of the most embarrassing plays in football, and it was barely his fault. 

According to the report, the play came in the 74th minute of a clash between CSM Ramnicu Valcea and Mioveni.

Valcea's Robert Tufisi was receiving a back pass from one of his defenders and decided to kick the ball down the pitch, much like many 'keepers would. 

Only, he whiffed worse than Alex Rodriguez in the 2012 MLB playoffs, and the ball went trickling behind him. 

It's at that point that we imagine poor Tufisi seeing his whole football life flash before his eyes, because he got up and ran for the ball with a manic pace. 

Sadly, the ball found the net like the end of an obvious punchline. 

From what I could see, it looks like the ball took a bounce that went a tad bit higher when the keeper was set to connect. 

It was just a matter of horrible timing, but that doesn't mean we can't have a few chuckles at his expense. Hooray for gaffes. 

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