WWE '13: 10 Non-WWE Wrestlers Who Are Easy to Create Yourself

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistOctober 31, 2012

WWE '13: 10 Non-WWE Wrestlers Who Are Easy to Create Yourself

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    While every wrestling fan wishes we could get a video game with an endless roster of superstars, that obviously isn't ever going to happen.

    Luckily, WWE '13 has an impressive roster as it is, and anyone who isn't already in the game can be created thanks to the unprecedented amount of customization the game brings to the table.

    The create-a-wrestler mode has been a favorite among gamers since its infancy, and it only gets better with each passing year. There are so many options that even the least-skilled creators can come up with palatable models. Of course, there is always the option to go on community creations and download someone else's gem if you can't get it right.

    The satisfaction of making your own created wrestler is tough to beat, though, so it's worth giving it a try. While WWE is still the unquestioned wrestling giant, companies like TNA and ROH have plenty of talent as well. Because of that, tons of fans enjoy creating wrestlers from those federations and mixing them with the WWE's top stars.

    Here are 10 non-WWE superstars who you can create quite easily in WWE '13 in order to live out some of the present-day dream matches you yearn to see.


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    Despite the fact that most consider him to be one of the greatest all-around wrestlers ever, Sting has never stepped foot inside a WWE ring. He has apparently come close on several occasions, and I'm sure that everyone would love to see it happen at some point, but it becomes less and less likely with each passing day. That doesn't mean that you can't do what you please with Sting in WWE '13, though.

    Ever since the first create-a-wrestler mode was introduced, gamers have been creating Sting, so there is a lot of experience when it comes to capturing his likeness. It would be quicker and easier to download someone else's version, but there is nothing like putting your own spin on things.

    Sting has had a lot of attire and face paint variations, so you don't even have to be perfect to make a believable character of him. The fact that he has face paint makes things much easier since the face sculpting isn't as important, and he has a fairly basic singlet as well, so the only real work is putting the scorpion on it. Other than that, you can make your own Sting in the blink of an eye.

Jeff Hardy

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    Jeff Hardy has appeared in several past WWE video games, but now that he is with TNA, gamers have to create him themselves. I don't have any hard statistics to back this claim up, but based on how many Hardy models I saw on community creations for WWE '12, he had to be last year's most-created superstar.

    Hardy's popularity is undeniable, and if you're reading this, the odds are that you consider yourself a "creature." Even if you're not, though, Hardy is a very useful character to create, as he would fit in quite well with the current WWE roster. On top of that, it isn't too difficult to make him. His face paint is easy to recreate and his attire is pretty simple, as he wears black pants and a long-sleeved shirt.

    Also, his signature armbands continue to be available for use, so everything needed to make an accurate Hardy is in place. In addition to the character model itself, implementing Hardy's moveset is no sweat either since his signature Swanton Bomb is in the game as well. Hardy is one of the most popular wrestlers in the world, and WWE's inclusion of his attire and moves proves that the company realizes that.

Austin Aries

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    He may have dropped the TNA Heavyweight Championship to Jeff Hardy at Bound For Glory, but Austin Aries is still the fastest rising star in the company. His heel turn has been questionable to this point; however, his talent is undeniable and wrestling fans would love to see him mix it up with the likes of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and others in the WWE one day.

    It's uncertain when or if that day will come in real life, but it can happen as soon as today in WWE '13. Aries is a pretty unique individual in real life, but his look is simple enough that creating him is a cinch. His attire can be taken care of in no time, while his hair and beard are easy to replicate as well. As is the case with most guys, it all comes down to the face sculpting.

    While face sculpting isn't a skill that everyone possesses, as long as you get everything else as close to accurate as possible, the face doesn't have to be perfect. Add in a good-looking entrance and a representative moveset, and you can give Aries a virtual push in WWE reminiscent of the one he has gotten in TNA. 

Kurt Angle

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    If there is one superstar who left WWE and is universally wanted back, it is probably Kurt Angle. During his time in WWE, Angle became one of the company's biggest stars because of his incredible in-ring ability and entertaining personality. Angle has teased coming back several times, but he seems to be happy in TNA. Even if he doesn't return for real, you can use him in WWE '13.

    Angle has routinely been one of the most created superstars since his departure, and it's easy to understand why. Not only is he fun to pit against WWE's current stars, but he isn't tough to make. Angle's face and head sculpting is easy, especially since he doesn't have hair, and all you really need other than that is a patriotic singlet.

    Angle has had so many different singlets during his time in WWE and TNA that there are options galore. Anything resembling something that he has worn in the past is sufficient and ensures that you'll have a functional Angle CAW that will rival anyone's.

Shelton Benjamin

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    In terms of his in-ring skills, Shelton Benjamin was once one of the best WWE had to offer. His wrestling was so good, in fact, that many believed he would become a world champion. The Gold Standard never ascended past the Intercontinental and United States Championship level as a singles competitor because of his deficiencies on the mic, but he is still remembered fondly.

    Benjamin is currently competing in ROH and has been tagging with Charlie Haas, who he also teamed with in WWE as the World's Greatest Tag Team. While Haas is talented in his own right, most fans considered Benjamin to be the budding star. Although that never came to fruition, you can change the course of history in WWE '13.

    It shouldn't be a chore to create Benjamin, as he has pretty basic attire in the form of compression shorts, and there isn't anything about his appearance that makes him tough to replicate. The only thing you really have to wrestle with is whether to give him black or blond hair. In fact, you can make an alternate attire and give him both if you please.

Christopher Daniels

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    I'll readily admit that I'm not the biggest TNA fan, but one guy who always impresses me is Christopher Daniels. It amazes me that the guy is 42 years old because he has never really gotten his due credit in the business. His partnership with Kazarian has been highly entertaining, and while Kazarian is good in his own right, The Fallen Angel is clearly the star of the team.

    It took Daniels a really long time to gain traction in TNA, but he is now one of the company's best characters. Daniels had a few matches with WWE back during the Attitude Era, but it never led to something bigger. He would be an interesting fit in the current WWE product, though, and you can make that happen in your video game.

    Daniels may very well be the easiest guy on this list to create. Since he's bald, the face and head are fairly simple, and his attire pretty much just involves black leather pants. He has a small tattoo on his chest, but that can be created without issue too. The only unfortunate thing is that there is no appletini accessory to give him for his entrance.

Matt Hardy

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    Matt Hardy may not be as popular or as easy to create as his brother Jeff, but he can be a quick addition to your WWE '13 experience. The best part about creating both Matt and Jeff is that the possibilities are endless. You can have them feud like they did on a couple of occasions in the WWE, or you can have them reunite and team up against teams like The New Age Outlaws or Edge and Christian.

    Matt has made the rounds since his unceremonious departure from WWE, as he worked in TNA briefly and has been very visible on the independent scene. Right now, Hardy is doing some work with ROH as well as Extreme Rising. He may not be near the pinnacle of sports entertainment anymore, but he still has plenty to offer.

    Like Jeff, Matt is pretty simplistic as far as his attire goes. Black pants and a tank top are basically all you need from an attire standpoint, and the hair can be long and with or without a ponytail. Also, Matt's moves and taunts are pretty easy to recreate in WWE '13 as well, so you can almost make a game-quality version of him yourself.

Kevin Steen

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    While Kevin Steen may not be known by the average wrestling fan, that will change soon enough. The ROH World Champion is not only excellent on the mic, but he is spectacular in the ring as well. His short and stocky build would seem to suggest that he would be limited, but he can do a little bit of everything from Powerbombs to Sharpshooters to 450 Splashes.

    Steen is only 28 years old, so he is very much in his prime, and there is a great chance we'll see him in WWE or TNA one day. Until then, though, the best thing you can do is create him in WWE '13. One issue that many ROH wrestlers have is a generic look, and while Steen has that from an attire standpoint, his dimensions make him a fairly rare commodity.

    With that said, he is a very easy character to create. Steen wears a pretty simple singlet, dons a beard and has a tattoo, but that is the extent of what you have to worry about as a creator. The most fun part of having Steen in WWE '13 is his moveset, though, and since he uses several well-known maneuvers, that is easy to replicate as well.

Matt Morgan

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    I'm no fan of Matt Morgan, but I realize that some people are for whatever reason. He does have immense size and the look of a possible star, but Morgan really lacks when it comes to mic skills, charisma and in-ring prowess. Even so, this slideshow is about non-WWE wrestlers who are easy to create in 'WWE 13, and Morgan most definitely fits in to that category.

    Morgan never gained traction when he was in the WWE due in part to an awful stuttering gimmick. For a while, it looked like The Blueprint might be the next big thing in TNA, but he fizzled out after a couple Tag Team Championship runs. Morgan is now back in the picture in TNA as an associate of Joey Ryan, but I don't see him getting into the World Championship mix with so many guys ahead of him.

    At seven feet tall, Morgan might be a pretty fun character to use in WWE '13, but he won't look overly unique besides his size. He has the prototypical muscles and skimpy tights that I've grown accustomed to seeing during my years of watching wrestling. I won't be creating Morgan personally, but if you want to, it's no problem at all.

Michael Elgin

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    Despite the fact that ROH can't seem to gain any mainstream attention, there are tons of talented wrestlers performing for the company. With Jim Cornette out as the booker, perhaps some of them will be able to shine a bit brighter moving forward. One guy who may very well benefit from the shift in power is Michael Elgin, who is certainly one of ROH's up-and-comers.

    Elgin recently broke away from the House of Truth, so he is most definitely ready to take the next step. Back in March, Elgin unsuccessfully challenged Davey Richards for the ROH World Championship, but many observers considered it to be one of the matches of the year across any promotion. Elgin may not have the same star power as many of the wrestlers on this list, but he could be huge down the line.

    Pitting Elgin against your favorite WWE superstars in WWE '13 is a piece of cake. Elgin has a short and stocky build like Kevin Steen, but he is much more muscular. Also, he wears a singlet with a skull on the front, which is very easy to copy. On top of that, Elgin's signature hairstyle is the mullet, of which there are a couple to choose from in the CAW mode. Elgin won't be the most popular guy to create this year, but you can do it and have plenty of fun with him.

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