Grading UCLA's Alternate Blue Uniforms for Showdown vs. Arizona Wildcats

Randy ChambersAnalyst IOctober 31, 2012

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Just when you think that every school has gotten rid of the foolishness and came up with every uniform change imaginable, there happens to be more. The next uniform change of the week comes from the UCLA Bruins, who will push tradition to the side this weekend when they play the Arizona Wildcats in the Rose Bowl.

The uniforms were designed by Adidas and have earned the nickname "L.A. Night". They were first revealed by the official UCLA Twitter page earlier this week and will be worn during the homecoming game.

Nice shot of our new uniforms for this week #adidas #swag #uclafootball#gobruins #ucla #bruins

UCLA Football (@UCLAFootball) October 31, 2012

Good thing the Bruins aren't playing on the road at Boise State this week, or they would get lost on the football field. 

Let's grade these bad boys before the game takes place and you have to begin adjusting your eyeballs.



The numbers on the jersey will be the school's traditional light blue, which will feature a gold outline. The jersey will also feature a light blue and yellow stripe across the shoulder pads, which is something the Bruins usually wear when dressed in its white uniform.

However, besides those two minor details, the rest of the uniform is dark blue. The jersey is dark blue for the most part; the pants, the helmet, and I'm sure if there's anything else that we haven't seen yet, it's also dark blue.

I guess if you are a fan of the color, this is the uniform for you, but to me it makes the players look like a Smurf or they belong in the movie Avatar.

Grade: C



We are all used to seeing the classic powder blue jerseys when the Bruins take the field, which isn't exactly what this wardrobe includes. UCLA ended up going in a completely different direction with this look, which can't exactly sit well with traditionalists.

UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero has already tried to calm down some of the fans that may be upset with this switch, according to ESPN.

"As a Bruin for life, I strongly value UCLA's traditions, but alternate uniforms in non-traditional colors represent a 21st century trend that, when done tastefully, synchronizes the familiar with the fresh." Guerrero wrote in his blog.

So in other words, because everybody else is releasing demented uniforms, UCLA is going to be the next program that hops on the crazy train. You may be a fan of the new look, but it is clear as day that tradition was not kept in mind when this uniform was designed.

Grade: D



This uniform is really one of the more simple designs we have seen yet and really comes down to whether or not you really like the color blue. No, I mean you really have to like the color to be on board with this look.

I am a fan of the traditional uniforms that UCLA wears on Saturdays, so I could really do without this newer version. And if you are like me, the good thing is that the school will go back to the regular standard uniform after this week, according to ESPN.

"Coach Mora loves our standard home uniform, so you can count on us continuing to sport our familiar look with only the occasional alternate," Guerrero wrote.

Thank goodness.

Grade: C-