Redskins Throwback Uniforms: Breaking Down Washington's 80th Anniversary Unis

Tyler Conway@jtylerconwayFeatured ColumnistOctober 31, 2012

Unveiled earlier this year, the Washington Redskins will finally wear their 80th anniversary throwback uniforms in Week 9 against the Carolina Panthers.

The uniforms are designed as a modernization of the team's 1937 uniforms, which was the year the Redskins moved from Boston to Washington, D.C.

They will also be worn in accordance with the franchise's "homecoming" celebration, where old players and coaches come back to FedEx Field to be honored. 

Nonetheless, as we have seen in recent years, the unveiling of a throwback jersey oftentimes leads to widespread polarization of opinion. For every powder-blue San Diego Chargers look, there is, well, whatever the Pittsburgh Steelers wore last week

How do these throwbacks grade out? Here is a look at a complete breakdown of the Redskins' 80th anniversary uniforms.


Helmet: 8/10

If we're grading here on pure commitment to the design, these helmets would undoubtedly get top billing.

Meant to look like a modernized leather helmet, these look almost perfect upon first glance. The attention to detail is something you so rarely find in the design of a football helmet that you have to respect the intention.

Nonetheless, a brown leather helmet isn't exactly the most aesthetically pleasing look in the world. I'm not sure what they could have done to change the helmet without ruining the theme, but let's just say replicas won't be flying off the shelf.


Jersey: 9.5/10

If the Steelers' throwbacks from Week 8 taught us anything, it's to temper our expectations when it comes to old-school jersey designs. 

Luckily for the Redskins, the designers hit a home run here by modernizing the old look. The dark maroon and gold colors work well and provide a strong contrast. 

Regardless, it's the overall commitment to the theme that makes these a true winner. Without the early logo and many other small features, these would look like a simple money grab on Washington's part. 

In particular, it's the etching of "Team, Effort, Tradition" that truly sticks out and makes this jersey a winner. Attention to detail and honoring the past is a must when it comes to throwbacks, and the Redskins honored their 80th anniversary in spades. 


Pants: 5/10

Simplicity is always the name of the game when it comes to pants, which means the color has to, you know, not be an eyesore.

Unfortunately, the gold pants stick out like a sore thumb. Sometimes sticking to the script is an ill-advised decision, and that's certainly the case here.

Even a color combination like maroon on maroon would have looked better.


Overall: 8/10

We all know the purpose of teams wearing these throwbacks is to simply sell more jerseys, and the Redskins' 80th anniversary release will do just that.

Despite some questionable choices in aesthetics, these uniforms do a wonderful job of honoring the past and have an attention to detail that far outweighs their deficiencies.

For any Redskins fan with disposable income, grabbing a jersey is an absolute must while they last. 

For the non-Redskins fans, at least they won't be subjected to a constant source of grief when they tune in to Sunday's contest.