Debate: Which Rookie QB Has Exceeded Expectations, Tannehill or Luck?

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Debate: Which Rookie QB Has Exceeded Expectations, Tannehill or Luck?
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Ryan Tannehill and Andrew Luck's teams square off this Sunday.


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Whatever you choose to say in this debate, make sure you have the stats. Completion% Tannehill 59.1 - Luck 55.6 Yards per Attempt: Tannehill 7.3 - ...
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Obvioulsy Tannehill. It was expected that Andrew Luck be a superstar since he was drafted by the Colts. (Almost) Nobody would have expected this devel...
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I would say Tannehill, they have had similar numbers, Luck was suppose to be the for sure thing and blow up right away and be a star, which he hasn't....
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It is almost ludicrous to even post this question. Regardless of the fact that most of Tannehill's stats are better than Lucks, Tannehill was expected...
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The QB who has exceeded expectations has to be Tannehill. Luck was expected to join that Colts team, and start contributing immediately. Tannehill w...
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Luck has better talent around him so he's exceeded expectations? That makes no sense. Besides, Luck was supposed to be best rated draft prospect since...
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