Debate: Who Is More Important to Their Team, Roethlisberger or Manning?

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Debate: Who Is More Important to Their Team, Roethlisberger or Manning?
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Who is more important to their team at this juncture of the season, Ben Roethlisberger or Eli Manning?


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without Ben or Eli, neither team would have 2 rings nor would they be playoff contenders now so what's to debate.??
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I would Say Ben, QB does more for his team. Saves plays better than any QB in the league. Think Giants have more weapons so more QBs could look good i...
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I think that just means that the Steelers backups are better than David Carr (thats not saying much either).
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I'd say Eli. We've seen Steelers' backup QBs have success in limited action (Batch, Leftwich). I don't think we'd see the same with David Carr taking ...
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Last year, the Giants had the 32nd ranked rushing attack and the 27th ranked defense. Oh by the way they won the Super Bowl and Eli threw for almost 5...
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This is comparing apples to apples. Neither team sniffs a super bowl in the last eight years without Ben or Eli. Id say both are a 8-8 or 9-7 team at ...
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