Debate: Is 2012 a Success Even Without a Bowl Game?

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Debate: Is 2012 a Success Even Without a Bowl Game?
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The Buckeyes are off to a terrific start with their 8-0 record. However, things are a little bittersweet, considering they are on-pace for a big time bowl, and potentially a national championship, but are banned from a bowl game this year. 

As an Ohio State fan (or not) do you consider the 2012 season a success regardless of not being able to cap the season with a bowl? 


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Absolutely! All phases of the team are positively affected! Recruiting. Next years players seeing what Urban's system can do. Confidence from runni...
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It is a success and a very sad success at that. No matter which way you look at it, a 9-0 start is excellent, especially for this team (compared with ...
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Success, yes, after where we were last year, absolutely; however anything less than an 11-1 record would put significant tarnish on the YTD results. ...
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