Debate: Is Dez Bryant More Trouble Than He's Worth?

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Debate: Is Dez Bryant More Trouble Than He's Worth?
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Dez Bryant has made as many mistakes as he has positive plays lately.


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In a word, yes. He is an immature prima donna who ignores all coaching, seemingly feeling he's above it. How many punts has he fielded that were over ...
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With Dez Bryant's mental capacity, he will never play any better than what he is now producing. He is a lost cause, and if he is kept, he will cost t...
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I want to think Dez is worth the trouble, but he doesnt make the big time catches he needs to make. His stats are ok during the game, but in crunch ti...
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Yes! I believe Dez, is more harm than help to this team. I have watched the Cowboys survive,(Headcase Dwayne Thomas) (Super athlete super Human wreck ...
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Give the reps to someone that is really hungry and doesn't feel entitled by what he's SUPPOSED to be. I'd sit him and give ALL his reps to Cole Beasle...
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I just read a piece on the difference between Tony Romo and Eli Manning. Eli can make throws before his receivers are open because he KNOWS where they...
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