WWE Survivor Series 2012: How the WWE Has Already Made a Huge Mistake

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IINovember 2, 2012


Are the writers for the WWE so lost that they missed the boat on the upcoming Survivor Series?

Monday night’s declaration of “Team Foley” vs. “Team Punk” was a clever idea, but all it really did was take the focus off the WWE Title, which should have been defended at the upcoming pay-per-view and continued the rivalries we saw at Hell in a Cell.

What a cheap way out for the creative team to eliminate single matches by combining five rivalries into one.

But the focus of Ryback getting his revenge on the current WWE Champion, CM Punk, has been stripped from the big man and for the next 17 days, we get to see how Mick Foley can play mind games with both Punk and his business associate, Paul Heyman.


While I thought that Hell in a Cell would be a real dud and was wrong, I am not sure this is something that can be fixed by seeing Ryback and CM Punk settle the score in a five-on-five match with other WWE Superstars.

"Feed Us More," please. "Feed Us More" Punk and Ryback.

It also means there will be a co-main event with Sheamus and The Big Show for the World Title, which I do think is good for the company since it delivered far beyond what some of us thought it would.

The concept is actually great, but this is the WWE of today where there is not enough star power on both Raw and SmackDown to have a match like this and still have it mean something.

John Cena will face Dolph Ziggler and somewhere in all this, the continuation of the “affair” between Cena and A.J. will progress, leading to A.J. getting a shot at the WWE Divas Title.

Whoever will face Antonio Cesaro is beyond me, but essentially I have set most of the lineup for this pay-per-view.

Shame on you, WWE.

Maybe this is the time we finally see Brock Lesnar re-enter the picture and make some noise or we see Randy Orton, who Jim Ross called “the wild card” when he was announced as part of Team Foley, jump ship and hand the win to CM Punk.

Who knows, but until we see more pieces to the puzzle fit, this is nothing more than chaos. And frankly, this columnist does not like it.

And nowhere is it stated that the WWE Championship or the World Tag Team Titles or the Intercontinental Title is being defended. 

Survivor Series used to be cool because we saw more than one match like this. However, this is not your father’s WWE and this is not a time to sacrifice title defenses for the sake of title streaks (Punk and his pursuit of holding the title longer than one year).  

Every pay-per-view should have the WWE Champion front and center defending his title. That should be a given. There is no reason to think that the type of pay-per-view is bigger than the meaning of the championship. The WWE has put the event first and the title second. Talk about disrespect.

I will be interested to see how the remainder of the Survivor Series card is filled out. Maybe it takes a turn and has another blockbuster match that is announced in the coming weeks. But until then, it looks like this pay-per-view event will be the “dud” I was talking about.

The WWE cannot afford to have a loss of pay-per-view buys just because it cannot get the story telling angle correct.

What a shame. Rather, what a disaster.