Gold Glove Award 2012 Results: Analyzing, Grading Every Vote Winner

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Gold Glove Award 2012 Results: Analyzing, Grading Every Vote Winner
Adrian Beltre won another Gold Glove. In related news, the earth is round.

The World Series is over. For the next few weeks, 'twill be the season for free-agency rumors and awards announcements.

On Tuesday night, the Gold Glove Award winners were announced. All of us now have a responsibility to yell at each other about who should have won what and why.

Such is life when awards are being dished out based mainly on subjective evaluations. The Gold Gloves are voted on by managers and coaches who should know plenty about defense, but they oftentimes make it way too easy to ask if they're watching the same games we are. 

So how'd they do this year? Are the Gold Glove selections right on, or are they once again a mixed bag?

We shall take a look.

Before we get going, a few quick notes.

You're about to hear me talk a lot about "UZR" and "DRS" in the following slideshow. If you don't know what these acronyms stand for, UZR stands for Ultimate Zone Rating, and DRS stands for Defensive Runs Saved.

There are no perfect defensive stats, but these two come pretty close. Both of them take many things into consideration and assign fielders numbered values in terms of how many "runs" they're worth above or below an average fielder. 

For further reading, FanGraphs has comprehensive explanations available for both UZR and DRS. You don't need to memorize the definitions word-for-word, but it's worth it to at least have a general notion of what these stats are all about. They can tell us a heck of a lot more about the quality of individual fielders than their error totals and fielding percentages, which only tell us how many mistakes a given fielder made. 

Right then, let's get started.


Note: Advanced stats are, of course, courtesy of FanGraphs.

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