Venezuelans Gather in Masses to Cheer Thier Team On

Eduardo HarariContributor IMarch 14, 2009

On a sunny afternoon at Philthy McNasty's a mid-town Toronto pub, the Venezuelan community gathered to cheer and watch their team play in the second round of the World Baseball Classic against the team from the Netherlands who beat the loaded Major League contingent from the Dominican Republic.

The Venezuelan fans showed confidence in their squad to come out the winner of the contest. With cheers of "Venezuela Uh" the fans started pouring into the establishment. They sang the National Anthem, raised their hands and welcomed the start of the game.

When Venezuela's first batter Endy Chavez came to the plate the crowd started chanting "Endy Si, Chavez No"  and with his inning leading triple the fans got ignited just in time for the first Venezuelan run that scored on Melvin Mora's ground ball.

The room became slightly quiet when the game became tied. Although the game slowed down the fans continued to cheer and reaffirm their commitment to their team. In the bottom of the fourth when Miguel Cabrera homered the room exploded with excitement and chants of victory erupted.

In the eighth when the Netherlands reached base with one out the room became somber and became really quiet when Jose Lopez made the a mental error allowing a second base runner to get on base.

Quickly the memory of the game against the powerful Dominicans became vivid but it quickly became a part of history when out of the bullpen Francisco "El Kid" Rodriguez emerged and with magical skill stroke out the side.

The room became electrified once again in the bottom of the inning Jose Lopez cleared his previous mistake by hitting a homer to give Venezuela the cushion needed to head into the ninth.

The crowd celebrated and chanting "Venezuela Campeones" and welcoming their next opponent whom it may be.