Fantasy Football Week 9: Waiver Wire Players You Should Stay Away From

Andy Liu@@AndyKHLiuCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2012

Foles may be the starting quarterback this week but don't get your hopes up over the long haul.
Foles may be the starting quarterback this week but don't get your hopes up over the long haul.Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With over half of your fantasy football season gone, there isn't much left on the waiver wire to help you win that coveted Shiva Bowl or whatever name your league coins the championship. 

All the high-upside running back stashes are gone, the fourth-string wide receivers are gone and even backup quarterbacks are taken—well at least for the teams that "start" Matt Cassel

Where there are always waiver wire additions that can springboard your team to the playoffs, there are additions that either waste a roster spot or cost you a win in a given week because you lent your trust to them over someone with a lower ceiling but higher floor. 

Here are three players you should avoid this week and beyond:

Nick Foles

Simply put, Coach Andy Reid has way too much to lose to turn his quarterbacks into a full-blown controversy. 

Foles has shown promise in the preseason, throwing for six touchdowns, but he is a rookie. And preseason is where most teams don't show their true defensive packages. Ask the San Francisco 49ers. 

Foles certainly has the brighter future, as he has shown a good arm and quick release, but Coach Reid would rather try and win now to save his job, and Michael Vick gives him a better chance at this point and time.

May Foles start this week? Sure, he might even play well against New Orleans, because everyone does.

But do not drop Michael Vick if you are an owner. A couple bad starts and the Eagles will turn back to their turnover-prone quarterback.  

Daryl Richardson

Richardson has gotten quite a bit of hype after his performance against the Dolphins where he put up 99 yards on 13 carries against a solid run defense. 

However, expectations should be tempered—unless you are in a keeper league, but if you were, you'd know to have him already. 

Steven Jackson is still on the team and doesn't appear to be going anywhere despite the trade rumors.

In Week 8, Richardson only accounted for 37 percent of the snaps in the backfield, according to

He remains a high-upside stash, but don't go out looking to start him in the coming weeks. 

Playing San Francisco twice doesn't help his cause either. 

Alex Green

Starting running backs are hard to come by. 

Starting running backs that aren't in a timeshare are hard to come by—ask any Jamaal Charles owner how they're feeling right now. 

Alex Green is all of the above but hasn't shown any type of running ability. 

Against the "fearsome" run defense of the Jacksonville Jaguars, he compiled 54 rushing yards on 20 rushes. 

That would be the vaunted 23rd ranked run defense of Jacksonville. 

He will still catch enough passes to make him slightly valuable, but it's only a matter of time before the Green Bay Packers phase him out of their offense or trade for someone better.

Against teams like Chicago, Minnesota, Detroit and New York, the Packers may turn to MVP Aaron Rodgers to take care of the heavy lifting.

It also isn't like Green will get the goal-line touches as the Packers have a myriad of sets in which Rodgers can run or throw from, or John Kuhn can run from.