Wrestlemania XXV Predictions

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IMarch 14, 2009

As we all know Wrestlemania is just around the corner. All of us know that Wrestlemania is the grandest stage of them all. And who will be competing at Wrestlemania 25? Who will be winning? Keep reading and you'll know.

Brother vs. Brother: Jeff Hardy Vs Matt Hardy

This is probably one of the most anticipated match ups for WWE fans such as myself. Anyways I think this match will be made a no disqualification match so they can do whatever they want to each other.

I think we will be seeing a lot of the steel chair in this match. I also think Jeff Hardy will be going extreme big time so he can finally get back at his brother. I don't think the match will end by pinfall but by the fact that one of them won't be moving.

Result: Jeff def. Matt

The Streak: Undertaker Vs HBK

This is going to be a great match for many reasons. First of all is the most important one the streak. The Deadman has a undefeated streak at Wrestlemania and will be trying everything and anything to stay undefeated. Another reason is Undertaker has never beat HBK so that's another streak that is on the line.

The final reason is it's Mr. Wrestlemania vs Mr. Wrestlemania, both of these men are amazing on the grandest stage of them all and have always made it a great show for the fans! Both of them will give it all they have, but only one will win.

Result: Undertaker def. HBK

Money In The Bank Ladder Match: CM Punk Vs Kane Vs Mark Henry Vs MVP Vs Christian Vs Shelton Benjamin Vs Finlay Vs Kofi Kingston

I think this one will shock the World! I believe that one of these superstars will either get injured or not show up or something like that. The reason I'm saying this is if that happens your going to need a person to fill in.

And that person will be none other than The Animal, Batista. Batista has not been cleared yet, but I think he will be cleared by Wrestlemania. So If he gets medically cleared the WWE will be looking for the best way to use The Animal and what better way then to have him compete for the MITB and possibly win it!

Result: Batista wins MITB

25 Diva Battle Royal

This match will include current divas and divas from the past competing to try and become the 1st Ms. Wrestlemania. I think this will be a great event. My personal favourites to win are Maria, Maryse, Melina, Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, or Trish Stratus. This will be a great match for all the fans.

Result: Trish Stratus wins and announces that she would like to return to the WWE.

ECW Title: Jack Swagger(c) Vs Rob Van Dam

Jack Swagger is a young talented superstar, but what happens when he is put up against a man like RVD? Well I'll tell you what happens! What happens is a very tough match up for the champ.

I personally would love to see RVD win this and honestly I think he will win. Jack Swagger will finally get the beating that he needed to get a long time ago.

Result: RVD def. Jack Swagger and captures ECW title.

Grudge Match: Chris Jericho Vs Ric Flair

As you all probably know Chris Jericho sent out a challenge to Ric Flair to fight him on this Monday Night Raw. I think Flair will come to Monday Night Raw and tell Jericho that he will fight him not on Raw, but at Wrestlemania.

Jericho will agree and we'll have another match for Wrestlemania XXV. I think that Flair will not be alone, because surrounding the ring will be all of the great Hall Of Famers. This will make it hard for Jericho to concentrate on Flair alone, and this will be a great way to help The Nature Boy win.

Result: Flair def. Jericho

World Heavyweight Championship: Edge(c) Vs Big Show Vs John Cena

All of us probably knew that Cena was going to get himself into the world title match at Wrestlemania. Even though a lot of people may not like Cena, you have to admit he puts on a great show. I think before the match he will do even more to embarrass Edge, Big Show and Vickie Guerrero.

This will further anger Edge and will motivate him to win. I think Big Show will be put out of the picture early so the match can be strictly between Cena and Edge.

Result: Edge def. Cena & Big Show and retains title

WWE Championship: Triple H(c) Vs Randy Orton

This is with no doubt the most anticipated match at Wrestlemania. With the recent things that have happened between Orton and The Game this match will be as hardcore as you can imagine. There will be two X factors in this match. The 1st X Factor is Legacy who will be there to assist Orton.

And the second X Factor which may surprise some of you, is going to be Batista. Remember that Batista has unfinished business with The Legend Killer. This is where it gets exciting. I think this match is going to be the match Batista turns heel.

Batista will help Triple H to defeat Orton, but then will turn on The Game and viciously attack him and cash in MITB to become the New WWE Champion!

Result: I've Obviously already stated the result but whatever! Triple H def. Randy Orton, but then Batista def. Triple H to become the new WWE champion.

Notable Mention

JBL retires!