Paulina Gretzky Dominates Halloween with Bevy of Sexy Costumes

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 30, 2012

Photo Credit: Paulina Gretzky Instagram
Photo Credit: Paulina Gretzky Instagram

The Fourth of July has fireworks, Christmas has that jolly fat guy and Halloween has Paulina Gretzky, a woman who knows the true meaning of this holiday. 

Hot women in sexy outfits. 

The daughter of The Great One is slowly but surely becoming just as legendary as her dad, only in the form of Instagram and Twitter swag. 

Wayne Gretzky must be so proud. 

A tip of the hat to BroBible, who alerted the world that Gretzky was again taking to social media to show off her image, this time with spooky Halloween costumes. OK, they were far more gratuitously sexy than they were scary. 

First off is this pic from a few weeks back that BroBible captured and labeled as an early Halloween costume. For that, we thank them for the holiday connection so we can post here. 

Pics taken from BroBible, Paulina Gretzky Twitter and Instagram

Here she is dressed as a sexy circus showgirl thingy. 

Here she is as a sexy showgirl with a deadmau5 mask. 

More Gretzky being Gretzky. 

Now she completely shifts gears and shows versatility by rocking an altogether different costume. The Great One's daughter makes quite the remarkable sexy cop. 

Halloween, for me, will always be about enjoying a tub of candy being in the house and finding a new costume that looks good on a chubby body. 

But it's also about great cheer and celebration, the kind that comes from appreciating a woman like Paulina Gretzky reaching far beyond her comfort zone to be a sexy something. 

We look forward to next year, when she mixes it up to be a sexy nurse or sexy hockey player. 

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