Breaking Down Texas Tech's New Under Armour Uniforms for Showdown vs. Texas

Randy ChambersAnalyst IOctober 30, 2012

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You would think when things are going good for your program, you would stick with it and not change a single thing. But it looks like Texas Tech isn't superstitious and will change things up quite a bit when the Texas Longhorns travel to Jones AT&T Stadium this weekend.

The Red Raiders associate athletic director Blayne Beal recently tweeted out a photo of what Texas Tech will wear when the Big 12 showdown takes place.

And here you go. Our Lone Star Pride Uniforms for Saturday's game against Texas. @underarmour…

— Blayne Beal (@BlayneBeal) October 29, 2012

The uniforms are designed by Under Armour and are named the "Lone Star Pride" uniform, which is obviously why the Texas flag is featured on the shoulder pads. You can also find the stars on the socks and the shoes, which have also undergone a change in the wardrobe.



You really can't hate on the jersey, as it has a nice clean look to it with the scarlet and blue on the shoulder pads. The Texas flag is also a nice addition considering it is a concept uniform and somewhat of a tribute to the state.

Overall, the colors go well together and the designers didn't try to go overboard with the change. These are some of the nicer new jerseys we have seen this season, compared to the many colleges that have also decided to switch things up a bit.



The pants will match the scarlet jersey in color, but also underwent a minor tweak. Instead of the sides featuring your normal black line, it will match the blue color on the shoulder pads and feature the words "Lone Star," with the Texas flag logo as well.

Again, this is a clean look that goes well with the concept and doesn't scream that the program was trying to do too much. Maybe some of the other schools out there that are thinking about trying new things should take notes from Texas Tech.



Overall you really can't complain about the new look. We are used to seeing Texas Tech wear its usual all-black uniform or go with a mostly all scarlet look, but this new uniform is nice on the eyes and the blue really makes the overall look pop.

The only complain I would have is that the Red Raiders look too much like the Houston Texans with this change, but I never heard anybody say those uniforms were ugly.

I wouldn't mind seeing Texas Tech wear these uniforms again and if the three-game losing streak to Texas comes to an end this weekend, there is a good possibility that we will.