Week 8 Rookie QB Recap

Tyler Brooke@TylerDBrookeSenior Analyst IIOctober 30, 2012

Week 8 Rookie QB Recap

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    Regardless of which game you watched this week, it was an ugly one for rookie quarterbacks.

    Whether they got blown out, had an incredible comeback or got injured, the rookies did not play up to their full potential.

    In a week where teams are beginning to push to make the postseason, rookie quarterbacks will need to begin playing to their full potential if they want their teams to make the playoffs. 

    Here is a recap of each rookie quarterback.

Andrew Luck

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    26 of 38, 297 yards, TD, INT

    Andrew Luck and the Colts escaped Tennessee with their first road win since 2010.  They won in a thrilling overtime victory, 19-13.

    Luck was able to drive down the field effectively, but the drives consistently stalled just short of scoring.  Luck was able to change that around at the end of the fourth quarter, leading a 14 play, 80 yard drive to tie the game.  

    Luck did it again in overtime, this time moving it 80 yards in only nine plays.  The final play was a screen to Vick Ballard, who took off and essentially did a barrel roll into the end zone.  This was Luck's only touchdown of the day, but it was a big one.

    Luck was not looking too good for most of the game.  What is important, however, is that he showed that he is capable of leading drives when it matters most.  

    We were able to see that Luck possesses the "clutch gene" that Colts fans were hoping for.  The Colts are now 4-3 and have racked up more wins than Peyton Manning did in his rookie season.  

    It will take a long time for us to stop comparing Luck to Manning, but for now he is beginning to make his own name.

Russell Wilson

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    25 of 35, 236 yards, two TDs, INT

    This had to be a tough game for the Seahawks.  After starting the season with so much promise, Seattle has now lost two straight.  What's worse is that the they took the lead with little more than five minutes left, only to lose as time expired.

    When Stafford is hot it feels that there isn't much anyone can do to stop him.  Still, the Seahawks have to be frustrated after losing such a close game.

    Wilson's accuracy was not questioned this week, completing 71.4 percent of his passes.  However, Wilson didn't find the deep ball like he did against New England a couple of weeks ago.  He certainly improved from last week, where he only completed nine passes.

    Wilson's biggest compliment a few weeks ago was that he was getting wins.  Now they have lost two in a row, and their remaining schedule isn't the easiest.  If Wilson can forget about the past couple of weeks and play well, his team has a shot. 

Robert Griffin III

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    16 of 34, 177 yards, TD

    This was an ugly game for the Redskins, who lost 12-27 this week at Pittsburgh.  The team wasn't able to do much, and if felt like the Steelers did whatever they wanted.

    Robert Griffin III had his worst performance to this point of his short career.  What was most surprising was his absence in the running game.  Griffin only ran six times for eight yards.  We expected more from him after the past two games

    All of the blame can't be placed on Griffin in the passing game, though.  His receivers played awful and couldn't hold on to the ball.  The receivers dropped 10 passes this week, which is absolutely unacceptable.

    Griffin has to be frustrated after a poor performance from both him and his team.  They have a chance to rebound next week, when they play Carolina.

    From what we have seen from Griffin this season, this was most likely only a fluke.

Brandon Weeden

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    11 of 27, 129 yards

    It may not have been pretty, but Cleveland was able to get their second win of the season.  The conditions were poor with rain and gusty winds, but the Browns were able to win 6-7.

    Brandon Weeden didn't have his best game at all.  He only completed 11 passes, with a completion percentage of 40.7.

    Weeden can't be completely at fault for his performance.  The weather was certainly a factor in the game, since rain and wind are not ideal conditions for passing the ball.  The Browns had to depend more on the running game this week.

    Weeden has been showing improvement so don't expect him to play like this often.  That is, unless he keeps playing in this kind of weather.

Ryan Tannehill

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    2 of 5, 18 yards

    There isn't much to say about Ryan Tannehill this week.

    Tannehill injured his knee early in the game against New York and was unable to play for the rest of the game.  It didn't seem to matter, as Miami crushed the Jets 30-9.

    Tannehill had an MRI on his left knee on Monday, and it didn't show any structural damage. It is uncertain, however, whether he will play next week against the Colts (via ESPN).

    Tannehill has been improving so hopefully this injury is just a minor setback.