Oakland Raiders' Draft...(One of Six)

tim spoonauerContributor IMarch 14, 2009

This is who and why the Raiders should take the players I say in the upcoming draft.


First Michael Crabtree

Throughout the past two college years, I have tried so hard to find a bad things about this guy, they were limited at best.

Hands- He catches the ball away from his body and I honestly can't remember him dropping a pass. Crabtree can catch the easy ones, the hard ones, and if he misses it then you are shocked.

Not like our receivers last year, honestly I was surprised when we caught it.

Routes- Makes great cuts and runs amazing routes. He has so much natural talent and his feet are a good reason why. If you sit and watch Crabtree highlights when you look at his routes they are almost picture perfect.

Also not just a good route runner but knows how to hep the QB, something JaMarcus needs after having wide-outs who quiet on the ball.

Speed- Not the fastest receiver, but is very quick. Crabtree's top speed or rather that he didn't run a 40 was his biggest issue. I'm not blaming him for what happened but i kinda wanted to see him put the questioners to rest. But i'm happy he didn't because now he might fall right on our door step.

This guy is the future at wideout. If he is a bust it would be the most shocking bust in years. Just because of all the NFL talent it looks like he has just coming out of college.