Oxford United Footballer Adam Chapman Plays with Burnt Nipples

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 29, 2012

Photo Credit: BBC
Photo Credit: BBC

Adam Chapman is an immovable force and will not be sidelined by a simple case of burnt nipples. 

Normally, we wouldn't be all that interested in the goings-on in the English League Two. You would have to have a fairly remarkable goal or a bad case of singed nipple. 

BBC reports (h/t Yahoo Sports) Oxford United midfielder Adam Chapman suffered a malady that forced them to run with a headline that states, "Adam Chapman Plays with Burnt Nipple."

Well, someone stop him. 

According to the report, the 22-year old fled to the hospital on Friday night when he poured boiling milk on himself. It sounds rather odd if you don't fill in the context of the story. 

Chapman is a proud father and was checking the milk before serving his child, and we are so very glad he did. 

The team doctor explains: 

Adam Chapman, like this good dad he is, was making his baby some milk and he managed to shake the bottle up and down, but he didn't put the lid back on properly.

He burnt his chest and had to go to hospital for a check up. He's burnt all his nipple. It's an unusual injury, but he's managed to play the game. We talk about injuries and what I have to go through in this job.

I am beginning to rethink one day having children, because nobody told me that one of the dangers may involve scalding one's nipples to the point of a hospital trip. 

Then again, this may be an isolated nipple-burning, in which case the changing of diapers and lack of sleep will remain my biggest fears in fatherhood. 

Please assuage any fears, fathers.

Tell me that nipples are not in the danger zone the minute you heat up food for your respective babies. 

As for Chapman, he played in his team's clash the very next day against Wycombe and got the result, 3-1. As for Chapman's nipples, we assume they are still very much charred. 

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