WWE Raw Preview: A Possible Ric Flair Return and the Fallout from Hell in a Cell

Micheal Robinson@nyyrobinsonSenior Analyst IIOctober 29, 2012

Could Ric Flair return to the WWE tonight?
Could Ric Flair return to the WWE tonight?Ray Amati/Getty Images

Following a crazy night at Hell in a Cell in Atlanta, Raw comes to us live from Charlotte, North Carolina for Monday Night Raw.

A few celebrities were on hand last night: TLC's Chilli, Josh Reddick of the Oakland Athletics and—not mentioned in this article—T.I. was also spotted in the crowd.

Also mentioned in the above article, rumor has it the WWE brass isn't happy with the live crowd reaction in Atlanta last night.

Well, I was on hand and ringside last night and yes, the crowd was dead, but I wasn't one of the fans that wasn't responding.  However, I know one of the bigger problems was the empty seats.

I know for a fact that several ringside seats, including as close as Row 2, were available just minutes before the event started.  Row 4 camera-side on the floor in front of me stayed empty all night long, and I even got two take-home chairs out of it, even though I wasn't originally eligible for them in Row 5.

So, was the crowd a bit dead?  Yes, but empty seats didn't help.  Who wants to pay $450 (face value) for a ringside seat at a B-level pay-per-view?


A few personalities have sent in Tweets about Monday Night Raw tonight in Charlotte:


Big news coming tonight on #RAW re: @jerrylawler. Great info. Watch #WWE Raw live from Charlotte @ 8/7 central.

— Jim Ross (@JRsBBQ) October 29, 2012




I am prepared for my presentation at RAW!"evidence" is shipped via private courier to Charlotte, NC @johncena @wweajlee

— Vickie Guerrero (@ExcuseMeWWE) October 26, 2012



Also, expect buildup for Survivor Series in a hurry, as we are only twenty days away from the November pay-per-view.

A Ryback/CM Punk rematch isn't too far-fetched, nor is a Team Ryback vs. Team Punk traditional five-on-five Survivor Series style match.

WWE has already launched its Survivor Series preview page, located here.

Regarding recent Ric Flair rumors, HeadlinePlanet.com reports that Ric Flair still hasn't been written into WWE's script tonight.  But, you really don't know until you watch the show.  Sometimes, dirt sheets don't get it all.  We'll see what happens.

We haven't seen Ric Flair on WWE Raw since the June 1, 2009 episode when he was punted by Randy Orton.

He was re-inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a Four Horsemen member earlier this year in Miami, after already being inducted in the Class of 2008 in Orlando.


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