The Most Underrated and Overrated Recruits in the Rivals 100

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IOctober 29, 2012

The Most Underrated and Overrated Recruits in the Rivals 100

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    One of the top recruiting sites there is in the business,, has always been one of the "go-to" sites for recruiting news, updates and more. One their most famous allures is their rankings list of the "Rivals 100," which has now been expanded to a top 250 list.

    Like I did last week with the top 100 prospects for, I'm going give you a couple players that I feel are either underrated or overrated in the Rivals 100. I formulate my own lists based on my own evaluations of recruits based on tape, so my opinions will differ from the main lists many look to.

    Here are the most overrated and underrated recruits in the Rivals 100

Overrated: Marquez North, WR

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    North is a top WR prospect on my board, and I think the 6'3", 210-pound pass-catcher from North Carolina is a good player. He just is overrated in the Rivals 100, as they have him at No. 28.

    There are a couple receivers that I have higher on my board than North, but not by much. I also don't think of him as the 28th-best player in the country, but rather, in the bottom half of the top 100. 

Underrated: Darius James, OL

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    James is better than the 66th-best player in the country if you ask me, and it's a mistake. He's a 6'5", 320-pound athletic OL prospect that is perceived as the nation's No. 1 OC, but I think he has what it takes to play OT in college. 

Overrated: Peter Kalambayi, LB

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    Rivals has Kalambayi at No. 59 in their top 100, and I don't agree with that. While I think the Stanford commit will be a fine ILB on The Farm, he lacks good athleticism, range, fluidity in space and range. There's several 'backers that I like over Kalambayi and who I feel can play all three downs in college.

Underrated: Antonio Conner, S

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    One of the best overall pure football players in this year's national class, Rivals only has Conner at No. 72 on their top 100 list. Conner should be way higher than that, as he is one of the top 20-25 players in the country on my board.

    Rivals could be downgrading Conner due to his inconsistent coverage awareness. 

Overrated: Khaliel Rodgers, OG

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    Rodgers is the 64th-best prospect on Rivals' top 100 board. The 6'2", 323-pound blocker is committed to USC and is from Maryland; however, I think he is ranked too high.

    Sure Rodgers has good snap quickness, very good strength and second-level ability. Yet he lacks good knee bend and I'm concerned about his weight. 

    I don't think Rodgers should be ahead of other interior OLs like David Dawson and Patrick Kugler. 

Underrated: Robert Foster, WR

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    I have no idea why Rivals has Foster all the way down at No. 70. I would imagine they feel he needs to get stronger and keep expanding his catch radius, but 70th is still too low.

    Foster is too explosive, too sudden, too smooth and too electric to not be a top 25 prospect. He's vastly underrated over at

Overrated: Hayden Rettig, QB

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    Retting is from Southern California and committed to LSU. He is the No. 91 prospect in the Rivals 100, and that's too high.

    On tape, I see a 6'3", 210-pound QB with good arm strength, accuracy and smarts. But I also see a heavy-footed QB that gets sloppy with his footwork in the pocket. Rettig has limited mobility and has problems escaping the rush to get out of traffic. 

    He's a bit overrated for Rivals

Underrated: Priest Willis, DB

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    With WR's becoming bigger and bigger, big CB's are becoming more and more in demand. Not only is Priest Willis a 6'2", 200-pound DB that can play CB, he can play CB very well too.

    Along with his fabulous size, Willis has loose hips, quick feet, mirror ability and speed. He probably will become a safety in college, but this is a very talented back end defender that should be higher than No. 84 in the Rivals 100.

    Edwin Weathersby has worked in scouting/player personnel departments for three professional football teams, including the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns and the Las Vegas Gladiators of the Arena League. He spent a year evaluating prep prospects and writing specific recruiting and scouting content articles for Student Sports Football (now ESPN Rise-HS). A syndicated scout and writer, he's also contributed to, and Diamonds in the Rough Inc., a College Football and NFL Draft magazine.