NFL Players Who Should Be Traded Before the 2013 Draft

Josh ZerkleChief Writer IIIOctober 29, 2012

Of all the four major professional sports in North America, football sees far fewer players traded than any other. Part of that comes down to specialization of talent. A running back for Houston's system, for example, is not always a great fit for New Orleans' system. Even players that play the same position in the NFL have different skill sets and different weaknesses. 

With that said, as the NFL's trade deadline approaches we've picked a handful of players that we think could be traded to other teams. In addition, we've given some thought to what those players would be worth in the current trade climate, which, as we've already established, is more of a buyer's market.

But that's no reason to let stinginess prevail here. We've put DeAngelo Williams on the trading block. Despite his lackluster performance and hefty contract, we feel there would be some takers for his services. And we're just getting started. 

Check out our latest video to see which players we've chosen to trade away, where they could end and for what value. Tell us which players you'd like to see on other teams in the comments below, or just drop your two cents on the deals we've proposed in the video above.

As always, thanks for watching.