Debate: Are the Seahawks a Super Bowl Caliber Team?

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Debate: Are the Seahawks a Super Bowl Caliber Team?
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I think a lot of things would have to happen just right to make it to the Super Bowl. Don't see it this season but maybe next year or the year after. ...
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Making it to the Super Bowl requires consistency and winning on the road, either in the regular season to secure home-field or in the playoffs. The Se...
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I just looked at the rest of the schedule and with 5 of the last 8 games at home and playing Miami and the bills at there place I can see us going 7-1...
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Considering we haven't been blown out all season, a claim few teams can boast right now, that is a big positive. Russel wilson has the record for mos...
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My vote is 'not yet, but soon' I feel as though the choice to go with a rookie over a one game stud is kind of a wash. I didn't (and still don't) thin...
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