NFL Quarterbacks on the Hot Seat

Tyler Brooke@TylerDBrookeSenior Analyst IIOctober 29, 2012

NFL Quarterbacks on the Hot Seat

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    Now that Week 8 is almost over, teams are officially beginning to hit the panic button.  As teams' hopes for reaching the playoffs are disappearing, teams are beginning to lose faith in their coaches, owners, management and their quarterbacks.

    Several teams are beginning to consider benching their starting quarterbacks in the hopes that the backup can somehow turn the entire team around.  While the odds of this happening are slim, a hero emerges every so often.

    With their teams beginning to panic, here are several quarterbacks that need to begin fearing for their starting position.

Mark Sanchez

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    When your backup is Tim Tebow, there is always going to be talks about starting him.

    Mark Sanchez is currently under the most pressure to keep his starting job.  His team is not performing up to Rex Ryan's standards, with a 3-5 record.  The team has suffered some devastating injuries, but Ryan doesn't like excuses.

    Sanchez has not been playing well this year.  Through eight games, Sanchez has 10 touchdowns, but also eight interceptions and seven fumbles.  The turnovers are hurting the team, and also hurting the rhythm of the offense.

    Tim Tebow is known for his unbelievable work ethic, but also his poor accuracy.  Sanchez's accuracy has been questioned this year as well, with only a 52.9 completion percentage.  

    People all over the country are now calling for Tebow to start.  They say that Sanchez has had his chance, and that it is time to see what Tebow can do.

    Regardless of how well or poorly Sanchez plays, the Tebow chants will still be heard whenever he messes up.

Michael Vick

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    The team that began calling themselves "The Dream Team" before last season hasn't done anything to prove they have earned that title.

    Michael Vick is the leading contributor to a disappointing Eagles team this year.  Currently at a 3-4 record, the Eagles have lost some bad games, and won their three games by a combined four points.  They have played ugly football, and it's beginning to hurt them.

    Vick is not playing well at all.  Through seven games, he has thrown eight touchdowns, but thrown eight interceptions and fumbled nine times.  The number of turnovers by Vick is simply unacceptable. 

    In a press conference after the game, Vick said that Andy Reid is considering benching Vick to start rookie Nick Foles (Via ESPN).

    It looks like Vick won't be a starter much longer.

Cam Newton

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    It may just be a sophomore slump, but Cam Newton seriously needs to get his act together.

    I don't believe the Newton should be benched by any means, but something needs to be fixed, and soon.

    After showing promise last season, the Panthers are now a lowly 1-6 this year.  The struggles have been due to dumb mistakes by Panthers players, especially Newton.

    Newton is having trouble keeping a hold of the ball, as he's fumbled eight times already. Perhaps his biggest fumble was against the Atlanta Falcons, when trying to sneak and convert for a first down and his team was forced his team to punt.  The Falcons went on to lead a game-winning drive where the Panthers could have been able to run out the clock.

    The Panthers seem dedicated to Newton, but if he continues to play this poorly, they should seriously consider his future.

Tony Romo

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    It seems very unlikely that the Cowboys will consider benching Tony Romo, but he is definitely on the hot seat after this week's performance.

    Romo played another poor first half, throwing three interceptions.  He threw four in total for the game.  While he led a potential game winning drive that had a touchdown called back, his 13 interceptions this seasons are seriously troubling.

    Romo has a had two very bad games.  The one this week against New York, and the game against Chicago where he threw five picks.  His inconsistency is troubling, and something needs to be fixed.

    There is almost no way Romo gets benched this year, but these games where he is throwing multiple picks are piling up, and Jerry Jones may have to make a tough decision down the road in the next few years.