Former WWE Star "Test" Andrew Martin Found Dead

Ronnie BryceCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2009

Breaking news as of Saturday, 3am Eastern Time:

PWINSIDER reports......


- Former WWE Superstar Andrew "Test" Martin passed away last night at his home in Tampa, Florida at the age of 33, just four days away form his 34th birthday. We don't have many more details right now, but reports say he was found in his apartment. Tampa area authorities have declined to confirm it is Martin but word within the wrestling industry has been widespread.

Martin was suspended under the WWE Wellness Policy back in 2007 and shortly released from his contract. Martin made a few appearances for TNA that year and talked about retiring from the business but has made several appearances overseas since then, working a match in Japan last month. Martin was scheduled to leave the country for a wrestling tour of Europe.


Test, of course, will be remembered for debuting in the WWE as a body guard for the band Motley Crue after the rock band made a rare live performance during RAW in 1999.

Most notably, Martin will be remembered as Stephanie McMahon's first true onscreen love. As Martin was involved in the now infamous Wedding Angle, when the wedding between Test and Stephanie was underway, Triple H crashed the cermony to announce and show to the world that he and Stephanie had eloped in Vegas prior to the wedding and went to Vegas where Stephanie was drugged and married Hunter at an all-night chapel. These turn of events ushered in the McMahon/Helmsely era.

Sadly, Test got lost in that shuffle.

Test went on to moderate success after taking Stacey Keibler as his valet/manager and altering his image. However, Test never became a main event star on RAW. The highlight of Martin's personal career will most likely be his ECW world title reign and his involvement in the wedding to Stephanie McMahon.