The Detroit Lions, Along With Most NFL Teams Should Draft A QB!

Leo ShineContributor IMarch 14, 2009

What one position drives the NFL? I think that most would say it is a quarterback-driven league.

With this philosophy in mind, I would have to say the Detroit Lions should draft a quarterback, so should every other team that does not have their long-term franchise passer in place.

I am not saying that teams without a franchise quarterback should use a high pick on one this or any other year. They should in fact draft a QB at some point in the draft until they get it right.

We all know that Tom Brady and Matt Cassel were drafted in the seventh round. Joe Montana and too many to list were taken in round three, or lower which proves that it does not have to be an early pick every time.

With it being a quarterback-driven league It should be a priority to have a quality starter and a young prospect in the wings, and if you want, a veteran backup for insurance reasons.

The last four drafts have averaged 12 quarterbacks taken. I think that is safe to say that more than 12 teams were in need of their future QB.

It would seem to me that it would be worth a seventh round pick, or signing an undrafted free agent most every year. Teams can use them as a third or throw them on their practice squad. Eventually they should get a good return on their investment.

How many NFL quality quarterbacks never get drafted, or get their shot? We will never know. I would have to believe that with all of the talent in the collegiate ranks, some get passed over every year.