The 8 Best MMA-Themed Halloween Costumes

Matt Juul@@MattchidaMMAContributor IIIOctober 30, 2012

The 8 Best MMA-Themed Halloween Costumes

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    Are you a mixed martial arts fan that's still scrambling for a last-minute Halloween costume?

    Look no further, as Bleacher Report's got you covered with some hilarious, MMA-inspired ideas.

    Whether you are going for that classic fighter look or you want to try something a little more creative, we've got some great costume ideas for you to try out this ghoulish holiday season.

    Let's take a look at the top eight MMA-themed costumes for this Halloween.

8. Bruce Buffer

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    Materials Needed: Suit, gray hair dye/wig, microphone

    Optional: Booming announcer voice

    Bruce Buffer has become an icon of the Octagon for his booming and enthusiastic fighter introductions prior to each UFC bout.

    To pull off the Buffer look this Halloween, all you need is a slick black or pinstripe suit, some gray hair dye or a wig and, of course, his signature microphone.

    Just don't scream "It's Time!" the whole night.

7. The Diaz Brothers

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    Materials Needed: Metal Mulisha/209/"Don't Be Scared, Homie" shirt

    Optional: Mean mug

    Not your typical dynamic duo, brothers Nick and Nate Diaz have become the quintessential bad boys of the sport over the past few years, making for the perfect MMA-inspired costume combo.

    If you want to pull off the Stockton, CA look this Halloween, grab your closest buddy and rock a Metal Mulsiha or "Don't Be Scared, Homie" shirt while sporting your best mean mug during your night on the town.

    However, if you see a guy with a hint of red in his hair a la Mayhem Miller, please refrain from starting a brawl.

6. Typical TapouT Bro

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    Materials Needed: TapouT shirt and hat, MMA gloves

    Optional: Chain, tacky tribal armband tattoo

    To an avid MMA fan like myself, there's nothing more horrific than the typical TapouT bro. Nothing against the brand, but these guys are the Ed Hardy-wearing numskulls of the sport.

    In order to pull off this look, all you need is a flashy TapouT t-shirt and hat, a pair of MMA gloves and a seemingly overwhelming lack of real knowledge about the sport, usually spotted by the overuse of the phrase, "Yeah, I train UFC."

    Generic tribal armband tattoo is optional.

5. The Cowboy Kimbo Slice

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    Materials Needed: Fake beard, do-rag, chain

    Optional: Grill, cowboy hat

    A street brawler-turned-mixed-martial-artist-turned boxer, Kimbo Slice has worn a variety of headgear during his combat sports career, but none as eye-catching as his iconic do-rag.

    However, the Kimbo look has been done tons of times before by MMA fans, so why not try a bit of a twist?

    This hilarious picture from a few years back shows Kimbo in a ridiculous cowboy hat, an interesting alteration to his image that would make for a great Halloween costume.

4. Steven Seagal

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    Materials Needed: Yellow racing glasses, do-rag, leather jacket

    Optional: Belief that you created the front kick

    Once one of the 90s' most-beloved B-movie action stars, Steven Seagal has now turned into a MMA mainstay for reasons still unknown to me.

    The Seagal look, which is as ridiculous as his claim of creating the front kick, doesn't take that much effort to put together.  Throw on some crazy yellow shades, a convenience-store do-rag and a faux-leather jacket, and you're all set.

    Also, if you want to go the Steven Seagal: Lawman route, substitute the jacket for a police officer's uniform to capture the reality show look of the Aikido master.

3. Roy Nelson

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    Materials Needed: Gray/brown beard, mullet wig, UFC gloves

    Optional: sumo suit

    The Ultimate Fighter coach Roy Nelson has a...unique look that somehow works with his hard-nosed fighting style.

    Not the typical body type for a MMA fighter, it'd be hard for a small guy like me to emulate Nelson on Halloween without the use of some sort of sumo suit, but bigger guys can easily pull off this costume with just the addition of a mangy beard, mullet wig and a pair of UFC gloves.

2. Octagon Girl

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    Materials: UFC bikini outfit

    Optional: Cardboard Octagon round card

    The Octagon girl costume is probably my favorite MMA-inspired Halloween costume... for obvious reasons.

    All that's required are a UFC bikini outfit and an Octagon round card made of cardboard, and you're all set.

    Just don't pull off a Ryan Bader.

1. Chuck Liddell

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    Materials Needed: Mohawk, mustache, "Iceman" shorts, UFC gloves

    Optional: Fake head and arm tattoos

    Probably the most iconic look in MMA history, Chuck "the Iceman" Liddell was the face of the sport when it exploded in the mid-2000s.

    No one will mistake you for anyone but "the Iceman" if you rock the shaved-down mohawk, handlebar mustache and UFC gloves. Add in some fake tattoos and some blue Liddell shorts and you'll have the former champ's look nailed down.


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