Kevin Durant and James Harden Team Up Once More in Sexy Kate Upton Video

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 29, 2012

Thanks to Skullcandy, we get one more chance to see James Harden and Kevin Durant together. As an added bonus, we get a Kate Upton photo shoot. 

Never a bad thing. 

A tip of the hat to NBC Sports for spotting this photo-shoot video from a Skullcandy ad done a while back with Justin Verlander boo and hottest woman on the face of the planet, Kate Upton. 

It also featured then-teammates Durant and Harden, one of whom has since been sent packing in a stunning trade that took place over the weekend. 

As we reported back in May, the two Thunder stars enjoyed a video shoot with the supermodel in what was dubbed "Take a Supermodel to Work Day."

Now comes this video that puts a remix of sorts on that moment from a few months back. Because, as we know now, James Harden will be suiting up for the Houston Rockets for the time being. 

It must be tough for Thunder fans to take such a quick and sudden shift of the roster that will have a long-lasting impact. 

However, we have to think a Kate Upton shoot is that sugar that helps the medicine go down. 

So just when you thought things couldn't be any worse, the very sexy model is here to save the day and turn that frown upside down and into a permanent grin of epic proportions. 

Kate Upton, spreader of great cheer.


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