BCS Rankings: The 5 Biggest Surprises in Week 10

Eric EdelmanCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2012

BCS Rankings: The 5 Biggest Surprises in Week 10

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    After a weekend of huge games that featured epic matchups like Notre Dame vs Oklahoma and Florida vs Georgia, the latest rankings are out.

    Many fans checking out the newest BCS standings are certainly going to be surprised by several ranks.

    Although the rankings are pretty solid for the most part, some are sure to provide healthy debate for football fans.

    Lets take a look at the five most surprising rankings for week 10. 

Texas Is Still in the Top 25

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    Texas is by no means having a bad season, but it is worthy of a top 25 ranking?

    After back-to-back losses at the hands of the West Virginia Mountaineers and the Oklahoma Sooners, Texas managed to win two in a row.

    Unfortunately, the wins were unimpressive and against lackluster competition. In the second win, which came against a 1-7 Kansas Jayhawks team, Texas didn't even come close to covering the double digit spread.

    Is Texas a bad football team? No. Is Texas a football team worthy of a top 25 ranking? No. 

Texas A&M Ranked at No. 16

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    The Texas A&M Aggies have looked solid, but they seem to be ranked a bit too high.

    Not bad for their inaugural SEC season, but they still have more to prove.

    They pounced on a bad 1-7 Auburn team, but their upcoming match-up against Mississippi State will definitely be a worthy test.

    Not a completely far-fetched ranking by any means, but it's certainly a bit surprising to see them ranked as high as they are. 

Florida Drops to No. 5

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    After an impressive season, all of the Gators' efforts may be in vain after a disappointing loss to Georgia this past weekend.

    Florida's chances of reaching the BCS Championship game may be in tatters now that they find themselves ranked 5th, after being the second ranked team in the nation. 

    It was a closer game than the rankings give credit for, and it seems that they are being punished for the timing of their loss rather than the significance.

    It's definitely a bit harsh on them, but they still have an exciting match-up ahead of them in late November against the Florida State Seminoles. 

Wildcats Ranked No. 2

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    The Wildcats have looked great, but the fact they're ranked above an equally undefeated Notre Dame team is a bit surprsing.

    Both the Wildcats and Notre Dame faced the Oklahoma Sooners, but the Irish looked far more impressive against them this weekend than Kansas State did, who beat the Sooners 24-19 in September.

    They've certainly looked solid, but No. 2 is surprisingly high. 

No. 4 Oregon Still Gets No Love from the Computers

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    Very few teams have looked as dominant as Oregon.

    However, the computer rankings seem to think otherwise—Oregon is still ranked below Kansas State and Notre Dame.

    Oregon is definitely getting no love from the computers, despite defeating all opponents this season by double digits, but they can make a statement against No. 17 USC this upcoming weekend.

    Hopefully for the Ducks' sake, it will be significant enough to get a boost in their ranking.