Notre Dame Should Be Encouraged by 4-Star LB Alex Anzalone's Effort to Visit

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIOctober 29, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

4-star outside linebacker Alex Anzalone is one of the bigger names in coach Brian Kelly's 2013 recruiting class for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, but he's also the recruit that fans worry the most about flipping.

The Florida Gators have been a hot topic team when it comes to Anzalone, and considering the evidence, I can see why Fighting Irish fans have been concerned.

He went to one of their camps down in Gainesville during the summer, he canceled his visit to South Bend for the BYU game (for completely legitimate reasons though) and even though he's a Notre Dame commitment, 247Sports still has Florida listed as a "cool interest" on his interest list.

All of that said, it appears as if Anzalone is making an effort to visit South Bend, according to Jason Sapp of 247Sports:

His original plans after canceling the visit to South Bend for the win over the Cougars was to get back for the Wake Forest game on Nov. 17, but he shared that he' likely wouldn't be able to make it to campus then, considering his team's chances of running late into the playoffs.

He didn't have an exact date set at the time, but confirmed plans with on Sunday night to trek back to campus the Sunday and Monday after the Pitt game on Nov. 3.

Worth noting that no trip back to Gainesville has been scheduled at this time.

Sapp also reported that Anzalone was going to complete the application process for Notre Dame.

Finally, a little bit of good news for Fighting Irish fans regarding the 4-star outside linebacker commitment, and this is something that should be very encouraging for Notre Dame.

The fact that he's making the trip for Sunday and Monday after the Pittsburgh game would lead me to believe that he's very serious about this.

It's one thing to visit for a football game, but it shows a completely different level of commitment to show up on campus when there's no football to be seen. Let's be frank, going to the game is a huge draw for recruits, and some may even visit schools just to watch the games and feel important, even though they have no intention of committing to said program.

With all the doubts that have surrounded Anzalone and his verbal commitment to Notre Dame, an effort like this should all but erase those fears.

This visit would point to a deeper interest in Notre Dame as a school and as a community, which is a great sign in regards to his thought process.

There's also the fact that nothing official has been scheduled for Florida, so unless Will Muschamp and company are incredibly good at recruiting from long distance (Anzalone is from Reading, PA), it would seem like Kelly and the Fighting Irish have a huge advantage in this heated recruiting struggle.

The importance of this visit cannot be overstated, but no pressure, because it's also a great sign of things to come for the Fighting Irish.

Hopefully it will be a visit that seals the deal for both parties involved.

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