Debate: Who Would Win If 2012 Giants Played 2010 Giants?

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Debate: Who Would Win If 2012 Giants Played 2010 Giants?
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Would the 2012 Giants beat the 2010 Giants? 


Agree with someone's comment? Vote for it to make the Debate Highlights section. Disagree with a comment? Reply and voice your opinion. Happy Debating!

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In my humble opinion, the 2012 Giants would defeat the 2010 Giants. In nearly every aspect, (aside from the pitching, MAYBE) the 2012 Giants were a mo...
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2010 because the Pitching was PHENOMENAL! Timmy was pitching like the real Cy Young he is and Cain/Bum were also pitching well
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But you're thinking of the 2010 team as we know them today, judging their talents two years past their time of glory. Sanchez two years ago played ju...
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The 2010 team was so red hot thru the entire playoffs, and beat 2 teams (Phillies, Rangers) that were freight trains. They had some of the best pitchi...
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The starting pitching was better in the 2012 season as a whole, but don't forget that Jonathan Sanchez was always a train wreck waiting to happen. An...
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