WWE: 7 Reasons Why AJ Lee Will Now Own the Divas Division

Sharon GlencrossContributor IOctober 29, 2012

WWE: 7 Reasons Why AJ Lee Will Now Own the Divas Division

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    On last week’s Raw, General Manager AJ Lee was forced to resign from her position amid allegations she was carrying a scandalous outside-of-work affair with John Cena. Both denied anything inappropriate had gone on, but it didn’t matter to the Board of Directors. The message was clear: AJ had to go.

    So for the first time in many months, AJ looks set to head back to WWE’s beleaguered Divas division and compete.

    But this doesn’t have to be considered a demotion for the former GM—freed of her rigid corporate role and a position she was arguably never suited for. AJ now looks set to accomplish big things as a women’s wrestler.

    Here are seven reasons why we can expect AJ to rule over women’s wrestling in the company.

She's a Good Wrestler

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    Oh, sure, AJ lacks the superb technical wrestling of girls like Natalya or Beth Phoenix. She still has some ways to go as an in-ring performer.

    But she’s still a very decent wrestler, with most of her matches in the past being free of the dreadful botches and mistakes that usually blight most women’s bouts in WWE. With this in mind, WWE management can give her the Divas Championship with the knowledge that the quality of her in-ring matches will be high.

She Has the Support of Management

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    AJ’s high-profile role on TV over the past few months makes one thing clear: The company think highly of her and her talents.

    Indeed, she’s been prioritized and over-exposed more than any Diva in recent memory, becoming a pivotal and integral part of the WWE product as a whole. This makes it seem likely that her heavy push will continue, even after her on-screen dismissal.

    She’ll get a run with the WWE Divas Championship at some point in the near future.

She Could Easily Be the Division's Top Babyface

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    Let’s face it: Layla El, despite being a great all-round performer, simply hasn’t taken off as WWE’s top babyface Diva.

    Former NXT wrestler Kaitlyn tries—and she has an endearing charisma and funny personality—but she’s not really cut out for the job either, due to the her inexperience in the ring (some of her recent matches have been truly dreadful).

    Examining the situation, AJ—with her sound in-ring skills and terrific promo ability—may be the only woman WWE currently has cut out for the role.

She'd Make a Great Babyface Foil for Eve

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    In recent times, top female heel—and current Divas champion—Eve Torres has been making life miserable for WWE’s good guys. She’s playing mind games with Layla, constantly under-mining and sabotaging Teddy Long and is strongly hinted to have been responsible for the brutal attack on Kaitlyn at last month’s Night of Champions.

    Man, what a witch!

    Will anyone give the duplicitous Eve her comeuppance? Well, upon returning to the Divas division, AJ could make it her mission to seek out and pay back Eve for her months of manipulation and evil-doings. Certainly, a program between Eve and AJ, both of whom have high-profile roles, could be the one thing that makes fans stand up and take notice of WWE’s long-neglected women’s division.

She's a Good Role Model

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    Not since Amy “Lita” Dumas was thrilling fans with her high-flying moves and fun tomboy persona in 2000 and 2001 has the company had such a likeable, down-to-earth Diva.

    Indeed, AJ’s inspirational rags-to-riches story makes her a great model to many of the company’s young female fans—something that WWE should attempt to capitalize on in the upcoming months by building the division around her.

She's over with the Crowd

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    At a time when most women matches in the company elicit complete silence from the fans in the arenas, AJ has that most precious commodity in Diva: She’s over huge with the WWE Universe.

    Indeed, during her tearful and emotional resignation speech on Raw, she managed to get out a crowd that had initially been cold to her to eventually sympathise with her, even receiving big cheers by the end of the segment.

    For all of the muddled booking as Raw GM (was she meant to be a heel or face?), AJ is still regarded by the masses as a star—something most Divas sadly lack in these days. With this in mind, strong crowd reactions alone should guarantee AJ’s pivotal spot in the division.

She Can Re-Form Her Tag Team with Kaitlyn

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    AJ and Kaitlyn acrimoniously broke up their popular babyface tag team, "The Chickbusters," several months ago (AJ was simply too crazy and erratic for poor Kaitlyn to deal with).

    However, they could re-unite now that AJ is free to wrestle again. Certainly, AJ seems to have regained her mental stability somewhat, and the Divas Division needs all the tag teams they can get.