Debate: Case McCoy or David Ash?

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Debate: Case McCoy or David Ash?
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You Make the call. If you are calling the shots, who is your QB 1 going forward, and why?


Agree with someone's comment? Vote for it to make the Debate Highlights section. Disagree with a comment? Reply and voice your opinion. Happy Debating!

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Case is the cooler head under pressure. He is a leader and just goes out and wins. Ash maybe the best athlete, but I will take the steady hand of Ca...
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Ugh. This shouldn't even be a question. The answer is ASH. It's not even close. McCoy is not clutch under pressure. He's lucky. He threw a pick 6 on h...
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Mccoy all the way he came threw when we needed him to when we were down he deserves his chance and had the better recors last year
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deja all over again - Simms and Applewhite. Some people are great athletes that perform Monday thru Friday, and some have (perhaps) slightly less phys...
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Well ash folds under pressure and hasn't been consistent lately so I say give McCoy a try, but cuz if he ends up messing it up we are screwed either w...
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