WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 Results: Whose Stock Is Rising or Falling After HIAC?

Hector Diaz@@iamhectordiazAnalyst IOctober 29, 2012

WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 Results: Whose Stock Is Rising or Falling After HIAC?

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    In the midst of poor television ratings, WWE's Hell in a Cell provided some much-needed twists to some otherwise bland storylines. 

    Even in losses, some WWE superstars managed to shine. Others, however, have taken a step back after Sunday's pay-per-view. 

    Here are just a few superstars whose stock has changed after Hell in a Cell. 

Alberto Del Rio: Rising

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    The Alberto Del Rio-Randy Orton match seemed all but destined to be the quintessentially irrelevant bout of the night. The feud never fully developed into a legitimate storyline.

    This was about two superstars with nothing else to do but twiddle their thumbs until they can be inserted a title picture.

    Out of the two, Orton seems destined for that path sooner than Del Rio.

    And even despite losing to Orton at Hell in a Cell, Alberto Del Rio managed to wow with his performance.

    The former WWE Champion showcased new additions to his repertoire. His athleticism selling the mid-air RKO is just one example of this.

    Del Rio has never truly gotten over with the fans, but if he is able to consistently perform as well as he did at Hell in a Cell, he just might. 

Prime Time Players: Rising

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    Even though the Prime Time Players the tag team tournament, they still made it on the Hell in a Cell card with their match against Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara.

    Earlier this year, the team of Titus O’Neil and Darren Young seems like the likely heirs of the developing tag team division. The change of direction was brought on by the recent success of Team Hell No.

    But the Prime Time Players will get their time in the spotlight, and their pay-per-view match demonstrates that.

    The team had no reason to be on Sunday’s card. The match is simply a reminder that the tag team is waiting for their time. After all, the Prime Time Players are currently the only tag team being pushed that is not composed of established singles competitors. 

Team Hell No: Falling

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    For weeks, Team Hell No has been in arguments during a match. Somehow, their bickering has helped them along the way.

    But their disqualification on Sunday, however, may signal the beginning of the end for the comedic tag team.

    Rather than being complementary to each other’s skills, Daniel Bryan and Kane looked more like singles competitors in a tag team setting.

    They still hold the tag team titles, but their volatile interactions may catch up to them soon. 

Sheamus: Falling

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    CM Punk was not the only champion to hold a major title for an extended period of time.

    Sheamus had held the World Heavyweight Championship since this year’s WrestleMania where he defeated a distracted Daniel Bryan.

    Sheamus has been walking a fine line between mischievous face and another John Cena throughout his title reign. In fact, Sheamus has not lost a match cleanly in months.

    Losing now puts thing into perspective for the former champion.

    He is no longer seen as unstoppable, which is exactly what his character needs at this point in his career.

    However, losing the World Heavyweight Championship is still a step back for the former champion. 

Big Show: Rising

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    Ever since Big Show returned to WWE programming, he has taken a more traditional approach to his persona by reminding viewers that he is a giant. 

    This technique, while seen dozens of times before, works for the Big Show. 

    In fact, the idea that the Big Show is not a favorite entering any match in WWE’s reality era is downright ridiculous.

    Big Show’s feud with Sheamus consistently played on the idea that Big Show is too tall to be hit with the Brogue Kick. Landing a finisher that requires kicking one of the tallest competitors in WWE does not seem plausible. Yet WWE has a tendency to oversee any such logic in favor of a face going over with the crowd. 

    This was not the case, since Big Show won the World Heavyweight Championship in arguably the most entertaining match of the night. 

    His win at Hell in a Cell can possibly lead a dominant title run much like Mark Henry’s 2011 reign.  

CM Punk: Rising

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    The ending to the WWE Championship match between CM Punk and Ryback was never intended for closure.

    Each event was meticulously crafted to maintain the balance of power while still creating hype and intrigue for the pay-per-view.

    CM Punk now adds to his heel persona with the actions of referee Brad Maddox. That single move shifted the way Punk is seen. He is no longer a sly strategist. He is now a conniving manipulator.

    And as gradual as Punk’s heel turn has been, Sunday’s events may be the peak of his antagonist role. 

Ryback: Rising

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    Ryback lost his match against CM Punk, but still managed to come out on top.

    The pay-per-view ended with a dominant Ryback standing atop the cell after applying his finisher to Punk.

    The swerve ending keeps Ryback’s undefeated streak going since he lost at the hands of the referee and not a WWE superstar. 

    Given that Ryback wrestled in only squash matches since his debut, he had not proven that he can entertain in a match against a top-tier superstar. His match against Punk may have wiped any of those concerns away.

    In fact, his sheer ruthlessness was heightened to new levels since the match took place in the four enclosed walls of the cell.

    The Big Hungry in not going anywhere after his performance at Hell in a Cell.