Joey Bosa: Breaking Down Skills of Ohio State's Stud 4-Star DE Commit

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIOctober 29, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Four-star defensive end Joey Bosa has the intangibles to be a very good college football player, and he's currently verbally committed to play for Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Bosa checks in at a very impressive 6'5'', 270 pounds, and he's from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He's the No. 3 strong-side defensive end in the 2013 recruiting class, according to 247Sports, behind only No. 1 overall recruit Robert Nkemdiche and Alabama 4-star commit DeMarcus Walker.

Here's a breakdown of Bosa's skills coming into Ohio State.



Bosa's size speaks for itself, but one would be remiss not to mention how big this kid is. Again, he's 6'5'', 270 pounds, which is impressive on its own. When you consider that he's taller than both Nkemdiche (6'4'') and Walker (6'3''), it becomes even more impressive.

Bosa is an imposing figure out on the football field, and he's only a senior in high school.



At his size, his speed is almost a luxury, and it's hard not to notice both how fast and quick Bosa is. He can be a dominant rusher off the edge with his speed, but his quickness also allows him to go down into a 3-technique and shoot the gap.

He's also very fast in pursuit and displays natural athleticism once he gets into open space.



Technique is an extremely important, yet sometimes underrated, trait in high school defensive linemen. Bosa has very good technique, and it will allow him to stand out at the next level.

He uses his hands very well to get off blocks. He has a variety of moves from a bull rush to a swim, and he can utilize them against one or even two blockers.

In the pictures below, Bosa is taking on a double-team, and you can get a good look at his technique.

Notice how he uses his right hand to push off one blocker, while extending his left to create separation between the second. This causes a natural gap within the double-team, which he is able to expose.

In this next picture, you can see how he uses the separation to swim his right arm over the block, thus freeing his shoulders and allowing him to pursue the ball-carrier. He ends up making the tackle on this play.



Bosa's greatest asset coming into Ohio State will be his ability to get a great push off the line. He's very explosive out of his stance, uses his hands to get inside the shoulder pads of the blocker, and he displays an incredible push and drive.

The pictures below really tell the whole story with regard to Bosa's explosiveness.

His arms are extended, which creates separation. His hat is lower than the blocker's, which points to good leverage. He's driving his feet, and he has the blocker falling backward. You can't ask for a better look at explosiveness and leverage off the line.

This is what a defensive lineman wants offensive linemen to look like on every snap:



If Bosa puts all of these traits together, he can be much more than just another 4-star defensive end. He possesses the qualities that lead me to believe he can be great for Meyer and the Buckeyes.


Breakdown pictures taken from this highlight film.