Dallas Cowboys' Meltdown Against New York Giants a Snapshot of Jason Garrett Era

Christian Blood@@cowboysguruContributor IIIOctober 29, 2012

Tony Romo sacked by ex-teammate Chris Canty.
Tony Romo sacked by ex-teammate Chris Canty.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Don’t even think about eliminating instant replay.

Don’t think about changing quarterbacks.

And please, please, please don’t ask for more cornerbacks to disguise the stench.

Sure, the Dallas Cowboys just missed pulling off the most amazing comeback in franchise history—until you realize why they needed that comeback in the first place.

Yeah, the reasons are numerous and actually not new, which is why this writing about the Cowboys is such an easy gig! It’s the same silly mistakes over and over and over again.

The Cowboys were as comically screwed up during the first quarter against the New York Giants as they ever have been under any semblance of the current regime. All that was missing was the kind of major special teams screw-up we’ve seen prior to 2012 (remember Seattle?), but otherwise, this one had it all!   

If it wasn’t  interceptions, then it was fumbles.

If it wasn’t another bad snap, then it was certainly penalties.

Now toss in a case of the injury bug and there you have a below-.500 football team.

No franchise in the NFL is good enough to win consistently amidst such poor preparation, execution, discipline and philosophy.

Oh, tight end Jason Witten set a franchise record for receptions in a single game with 18?

But quarterback Tony Romo threw three interceptions?


How does a quarterback complete 18 passes to anybody in a football game and still throw three picks?

Head coach Jason Garrett’s offensive game plans will always feature plenty of big play opportunities for his competition. They always have, haven’t they?

This interception overload for Cowboys fans started when Garrett showed up at owner Jerry Jones’ request in the opening days of 2007.

Remember Romo’s five interceptions against Buffalo during that crazy Monday Night win?

Well, that was 2007, and that 13-3 team not only clinched the top seed in the NFC playoffs but also failed to even win a playoff game.


It’s a lot of good and a lot of bad—and it’s really weird.

No team finds creative ways to lose games or at least make things much harder than they have to be than the Cowboys.

Think about some of these numbers here:

Zero: Number of touchdown passes thrown by Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

One: Number of times Manning was sacked by the Dallas defensive front.

Two: Number of carries for Dallas running back Phillip Tanner.

Three: Number of receivers who had over 100 yards for the Dallas offense.

Four: Number of times Romo was sacked by the New York defensive front.

Enough of those kindergarten numbers.

You want to see a bigger number?

You realize that Romo threw the football 62 times in this contest?

Are you kidding me?

That’s two games worth of passing in just one, especially if you’re talking about Hall Of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman.

Manning threw the ball a modest but intentional 29 times. He didn’t reach as many as 200 yards and, as mentioned above, he threw no touchdown passes.

Romo was an “arena league admiring” 36-of-62 for 437 yards, the lone touchdown pass and the receptions made by the team in blue shirts.

And this is what people show up to pull for?

So much for that “NFL is a passing league” crap, eh?

As Led Zeppelin once sang, “The Song Remains The Same,” and this is so true for America’s Team.

Well, that song will have to change if the Cowboys are to see contention with any of the current team’s core players. Time is growing short for a number of talented football players that could really flourish in a sound and proven system.

Look at what this team is capable of even through its own volatility!

If Jones decides he wants what’s best for the Cowboys, then remember this name: Mike Holmgren.

But if Jones wants what’s best for him, you'd might as well watch paint dry.  


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